Sunday, February 24, 2008

We'll Take It!

Look how shocked Michael Redd is in that picture. Not even he can believe the Bucks came back from a 23 point decifit last night to top the Denver Nuggets, 115-109. What's more shocking is that he lead the comeback, scoring a season high 42 points. I know I've been saying a lot that the Bucks need a true leader, and I still don't think Redd is that guy, but you have to give him credit for the performance he and his teammates put on in the 2nd half of last night. It was so incredible, a source within the Bucks organization called it "one of the most amazing sporting events he's been to". Okay, it was my bro, but I just wanted to have a source for once.

I watched the first half of this one sporadically at a bar, and joked with Bear about just how bad this Bucks team was. At the time, they were down some 20 points. We then focused our attention on the Tennessee / Memphis game (Bruce Pearl!). The next time we were able to catch a glimpse of the Bucks game, they were somehow down just four points in the fourth quarter. From there, we watched the Bucks complete their improbable comeback. And as much as I was impressed by Redd, I was just as impressed with Andrew Bogut's night of 20 rebounds.

Man, if only the Bucks could play this inspired every night. Maybe not every night, but at least 42 of them. A losing record is going to get you a spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs this year, and I still don't think the Bucks will get there, but I'd much rather see them play well like this than try to tank for a better odds at a decent lottery pick.

I'm not sure what to make of the Bucks since the All-Star break. First, they were able to earn a victory over the Pistons. Then they lost to the same Pistons two night later by 27. And last night they somehow found a way to crawl back from a major decifit and earn their second win in three games, a huge feat for this team. Their next five are Cleveland, at New Jersey, San Antonio, at Indiana, and Seattle. I'd say the Bucks need to win four of the five if they are going to put a little run together.

Just when I think you've done something stupid Milwaukee, you pull out a victory like this and totally redeem yourselves!

(and in other Milwaukee basketball news, Marquette destroyed Rutgers 78-48)


Anonymous said...

Nice dumb and dumber quote

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