Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Still Need Wyoming!!!

Since our inception, The Bucky Channel has had visitors form 49 of the 50 states that make up the great county we call America. But there is one state that eludes us, Wyoming. According to the always trustworthy Wikipedia, Wyoming is home to 493, 782 people. At least one of them have to be a fan of some Wisconsin based team! We've set many goals here for the kind of web site we'd like to be, but capturing Wyoming's attention currently tops our list. Know anyone in Wyoming? Give them a call, tell them to check out our site! We'll let you know how we're doing in this quest later in the day.

As for the actual reason you may have come here today, don't forget to check out the Badger / Hoosier game tonight. After that, you can flip over to FSN Wisconsin and watch the Bucks fall to the Hornets. We'll have our thoughts after the games.

There's also a rumor that Bear may post today!


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear a rumor of an American Idol review while we are at it.

Maybe a 24 update?

Writers strike update?

Plenty of Bucky on here....not enough channel.

Bear said...

sorry jon, i leave the writers strike and 24 info to a more knowledgable fellow in bart. And unfortunately, I have never watched an entire episode of American Idol since its creation.

Anonymous said...

it's all good bear. You brought the people what the really wanted...Gauntlet III.

More requested material...Big Brother

Unknown said...

Gauntlet is the best show on TV. 42 minutes til go time.

Bear said...

Trav is back!

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