Friday, February 29, 2008

Packers News of the Day!

Just a couple of quick hits from the day that was the first day of the NFL Free Agency season.

*On Thursday, Packers signed former Dolphins offensive tackle Joe Toledo. I dont know who he is either, but the last time I said, "Who the hell is that?" he turned out to be Ryan Grant.

* Apparently, there were Corey Williams for Jason Taylor rumors, and I guess there still are Jason Taylor rumors. Seems to just be Green Bay sports talk radio rumors, nothing concrete. Nevertheless, the Packers got the 56th overall pick for Williams. They also have the 60th pick.

* As b2 said in the comments, Farewell Carlyle Holliday!

* Lions DE Corey Smith is going to visit the Pack.

* The Packers are among several teams interested in LB Brandon Chillar, of the St. Louis Rams.


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