Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We (are) Marquette!

Ok, let's try this again. I need to stop trying to post things at three in the morning. Anyways, Marquette continues their hot streak with a 85-75 win over Villanova Monday night. Dominic James led the way for the Golden Eagles, hitting 5 three pointers as part of his 25 point night. The Eagles are playing well in a tough Big East, and they seem to be gaining confidence with every win. After the win, Tom Crean said they may not yet be ready to go far in the NCAA Tournament, but they are getting there. Marquette is tied for fourth in the Big East, with the top five looking like this (the rankings are according to the ESPN / USA Today poll).

1. Georgetown (#10) 12-3
2. Louisville (#18) 12-3
3. Notre Dame (#17) 11-3
4. UConn (#16) 10-4
4. Marquette (#21) 11-5

Marquette's next game is a huge matchup against Big East frontrunner Georgetown at 1pm (all times on this blog are central times, remember) Saturday on CBS.


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