Monday, February 25, 2008

Wisconsin, Marquette, Rise in the Polls

Have the Associated Press, USA Today, and ESPN ever talked about combining their polls? I've never understood why there are two different versions of the rankings. Maybe I'll have to play on Wikipedia later...

In the AP poll, Tennesse is the new leader, while the Badgers have moved up one spot to 10th. They are the highest ranked Big Ten team, followed by Indiana (12th), Purdue (16th), and Michigan State (19th). Marquette has moved up four spots to 21st.

In the ESPN / USA Today edition, Tennessee is the unamious number one as well. The Badgers moved up one spot, they are now 9th. Indiana is 12th in this poll as well, but Michigan State (15th) and Purdue (19th) swapped positions. Marquette is 21st in this one as well.


Anonymous said...

UNC is #2

Anonymous said...

UNC = Overrated!!!!!

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