Sunday, February 10, 2008

LIVE BLOG! NFL Pro Bowl (2nd Quarter)

4:28 - Second quarter underway.

4:28 - CWest23: Rob Bironis to the theme of My Sharona

4:29 - There are too many Cowboys here.

4:30 - Cromartie is this year's version of Mike Brown.

4:32 - Bear: "well there is two things i would have bet on in this game... a romo INT and a cromartie pick"

4:34 - Big Ben to Housh. AFC 24-7.

4:34 - Packers coaching staff getting waxed.

4:35 - You have to live in a town where the population is under 600 to think Larry the Cable Guy is funny. I'm convinced.

4:37 - b2: do you think ted thompson takes mccarthys five year extention away after this game?
4:37 - Another big return. That's why this game isn't close to over.

4:37 - When people try to call the game while doing a sideline interview, it's always a train wreck.

4:38 - T.O. doesn't have good hands.

4:40 - John Elway was sunbathing at the game.

4:41 - 4th down conversion from Romo to Owens.

4:42 - Bear: completely a product of people not trying

4:43- b2: that was the manning to tyree play of the pro bowl

4:43 - Tomorrow, Steve Sabol will say it was the best Pro Bowl play ever.

4:44 - Romo to Owens, three weeks too late.

4:44 - 24-14.

4:47 - Kenny Albert just said Wrigley Field was in L.A.

4:49 - I never had the chance to say the Terminator machine vs. the FOXBOT was the best part of the Super Bowl.

4:50 - Bear: wow moose is quite the jetsetter i gues

4:51 - This is the worst performance of Moose's career.

4:51 - Al Harris finally moves.

4:51 - b2: the pro bowl is hard to follow because they change players more than the bucky channel changes it slogan under its title

4:54 - Where's Gweeds? I invited him to this and everything.

4:55 - Is Peyton an All-Star is the DSRL too?

4:56 - 27-14.

4:56 - Field goals and extra points should be left out of the Pro Bowl.

4:57 - Bear: just once Bironas should jump around like Martin Gramatica after making one of those gimmie FGs

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5:00 - Nice run by Peterson.

5:00 - Two minute warning.

5:03 - Random hot girl shot.

5:04 - There we go Driver.

5:05 - Big year for Lifehouse. They've gone from playing on State Street during Halloween in Madison, to the Pro Bowl halftime show.

5:06 - Touchdown Sean Taylor.

5:07 - Oh wait, that's Cooley. 27-21 NFC.

5:08 - Jon: Let's go NFC!

5:09 -That was just to show people are reading.

5:10 - CWest23: Angels in the Endzone.

5:11 - Comment of the day so far.

5:11 - AFC up six at the half. I need to.... take care of something. I'll be back for the start of the 3rd.


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Angels in the Endzone

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