Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Taking Credit for This

Not only did the Pro Bowl help The Bucky Channel break a record for page views in a day, it also gave the NFL it's top rated edition of the league's all-star game since 2000. In recent years the game has been stuck on cable, and this year it came back to one of the broadcast networks, FOX.

This year's game had a 6.3 rating. Now, I'm a ratings nerd by trade and a lot of you might not know what a 6.3 means. These days, a decent primetime show pulls down a 6.3. Sunday Night Football games have been getting anywhere from a 8.0 - 11.0. So a 6.3, especially for a Pro Bowl is pretty good.

Seems like there must be a lot of closet Pro Bowl fans out there. How much backlash does this game each every year? Yet it improved 37% from last year? SHOW YOUR FACE CLOSET PRO BOWL SUPPORTERS! (sorry for the Caps)

That's all for today, feeling a little under the weather.


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