Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: Gauntlet III (RW/RR Sea.15/Eps.5)

Coming into this week the Vetrans led the Rookies 6-1, leaving 15 and 10 players left respectively. The previews of this week, last week, seemed to show that various mission throwing would be taking place during girl gauntlet days. You also got the feeling that Coral and Beth would be headed to the gauntlet to face each other. Well MTV continued to tell what would happen before it did, as during the first mission the Rookies won because of the Vetrans throwing the mission. Vetrans 6, Rookies 2. In the gauntlet Coral backed up her talk and took out Beth.

In the second mission, the Vetrans use their power in numbers and turned off 'throw-mode' to go on and win. Vetrans 7, Rookies 2. The Vetrans decide to save MJ, and then put in Derek. With Derek in, the team picks Ryan to face Derek. This should have been a slam dunk, but of course the puzzle gauntlet came up. Ryan beats Derek, sends home the most likely strongest Rookie player. Pretty much a worst case scenario if you are the Rookies. Vetrans have 14 players left, the Rookies have 9 left.

Before the male mission, once again MTV put the spot light on not only what team would probably win the up coming mission but also who would probably go into the gauntlet. They started the second half of the show with Derek saying, "I had a nightmare last night." Then went on to spot light Derek and Paula's relationship. Seriously the forshadowing on this show is more legit than the "Madden Curse." Go ahead and try it in the next episode, its kind of fun to say you were right.

I also thought it was unfair that during the guy gauntlet that the way the teams were lined up, one team could help a player and the other player is left to his own to figure it out. Ryan totally got help from the Vetrans, obviously because they wanted him to take out Derek. Nobody could even see Derek's puzzle so no one could help him out. Kind of lame if you ask me but whatever.

The Beth and Coral saga was kind of funny. In fact the whole mission leading up to that gauntlet was pretty comical. You have Evan, CT, and Brad just yelling aimlessly. Danny is just troting laps around the pyramid, meanwhile you have 8 girls who none of which notice that the guys are completely throwing this mission. The only guy who looked like he was actually helping was Eric. Then Coral freaking out because no one had her back when she said she didn't want Beth to be sent in. Well clearly the Vetran guys want to get rid of both Beth and Coral, as well as probably Casey, Katie and Robin. Also a weird allaince between life long foes in Coral and Beth, after they realize that the Vetrans screwed them both over.

One thing that will never happen again, in RW/RR Challanges, is that the teams will be this lopsided. The Vetrans were loaded with ticking time bombs in CT, Beth, Coral, and Danny, but have yet to really explode due to the Vetrans continually winning. All in all, pretty weak show as Travis said in one of the comment sections. I'm really pulling for the Rookies these next couple missions, to even things up. This season in general has been pretty weak, maybe the Challange needs to think about retiring the Gauntlet theme and sticking to the Duel, Inferno, and Battle of the Sexes.


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of the veterans kicking ass. I can't stand Frank anymore after his whole deal with Jillian and him being a crazy nut job. CT pisses me off cause he is such a dumbass and prick. Normally I would hate guys like Evan and Kenny, but at times I find them hilarious. I love it when they get a clue about the next days mission and put together a little "show" for the cameras. And as always, Eric is my favorite...gotta have love for the big guys. I still am curious to see what happens with him (as was eluded to during the first episode season preview).

Unknown said...

Sorry Jon, Eric is worthless and is pretty weak for a big guy. I'm confident any vet would take him out in the gauntlet..maybe Adam would lose to him in the push or pull event. The vets have to get rid of him incase the final involves alot of running b/c he would kill them.

I predict the vets will continue to throw a few girl events and youre gonna see the guy gauntlet days start to favor less people just to even things out.

The final probably will make the team with more people have an advantage because no money awards are being handed out each event.

Overall this challenge sucks and I cant wait for the duel to come back.

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