Thursday, February 28, 2008

Review: Gauntlet III (RW/RR Sea.15/Eps.6)

We left off last week as once again the Veterans beating the tar out of the Rookies with a 7-2 score over all, leaving 14 Veterans and 9 Rookie players. Action is heating up as many of the Veteran player realize that they have to throw girl missions as well as understanding that eventually the rookies may win a few guy missions to even things out a bit. Well both of those two scenarios took interesting turns this week.

Knowing that the first mission was a female gauntlet mission you could right off the bat see who were the choices to be thrown in. Little bit of Tori and Brad and some Melinda and Danny, who apparently are engaged..... congrats I guess. Some pre-show bickering between the engaged couple leads into a hugely disadvantaged gauntlet for the Rookies. The Push 'O' War also messed up the Veteran guys plan to throw mission because having 7 guys get pushed out by 4 would look awful. Go figure, Veterans win and are now up 8-2. The Veterans put Melinda in which makes Danny irate, which I'll have more on in a bit. Melinda wants Jillian in per the agreement made in the first show that gauntleters get to choose who they go in against. Well thanks to a dumb-ass rant by Melinda about backstabbing, the Rookies get pissed and put in Tori, who is probably the best girl on their team. After a bit of grand-standing Tori goes into the gauntlet and wins. Rookies down to 8 players.

The next mission is a good one. The first good mission of the season, it reminded me of a Fear Factor type game. Let it be known, I would freak out being buried alive. I think I would be able to do it with 300K on the line though. This mission also gave the Rookies a huge advantage since it was a race and they had 6 less players. Well Nehemiah had some issues with the trivia questions and somehow the Veterans won a challenge they weren't supposed to. 9-2 Veterans. The Vets throw in Frank and the team puts in MJ.... ARRRRR??? Interesting choice I didn't really get why they did unless they, like me, are sick of Frank. But in the upset of the century Frank beats MJ, in a physical gauntlet. Seriously, is this bigger than the Giants beating NE? Honestly who saw that coming? The super couple Frank and Jillian are 6-0 combined in the gauntlet and im 6-0 in the disappointment column. Wow.

I wonder if these Challengers in the case of a hook up are contractually obligated to whine, beg and bitch for their significant other in order to create drama. I mean really, a challenge happens everyday. That means that these people (at the end of this show) have been there for 12 days. In that short time people are crying and whining about some guy or girl they hooked up with leaving. Really? Brad was so happy that Tori is sticking around. They've known each other for 12 days. That's why these guys on this show are really dumb. You have a chance to win 300K and yet you would rather to keep to some chick around you just hooked up. I'm sure these guys get ass all the time from E-List star chasers. Living in Madison, I've seen girls flock to Landon when he came back from the Real World Philadelphia season. Hell I've seen straight guys flock to Landon (C.C. West). So to me it just doesn't make sense. Sure I get why Danny was mad even though I thought he went from being reasonably upset to acting like the meat head he really is. Brooke and Ev acted like one of them was dying when Brooke left and they met 4 days before that. Ridiculous. I'm done.

I'm gonna play a game called things I think I could beat my buddy Travis in. Generally I own this kid in various portions of life, but when I come to a physical competition we tend to compete against each other. Usually an alcoholic beverage or two or keg is involved, but in the past we've had an impromptu footrace, chugging contest, a break-through and conquer type thing, pretty much anything goes. This ankle breaker gauntlet, is something I'm pretty sure I'd beat him in. I'm about 6'5", 300 pounds and in not really in any kind of great shape but its not like I'm uncoordinated. Think Eric only a bit taller. Travis runs about 5'9" 200 and plays some semi-pro football in Chicago. Strong kid, but I would definitely win in this Ankle Breaker format. Once I dug into that sand, there is no way hes dragging my ass to his finish line. Plus I have probably a twice as long as a reach as him. So I would have a better chance of getting to that rope. I don't even think this would be close. Bear 1, Travis 0. I'll go over the other gauntlet games against Travis in future columns.


Unknown said...

Fred you probably would take me in the ankle breaker. This is probably the worse rw/rr challenge ever. Not b/c the teams are that unfair but b/c the rookies are a bunch of idiots. Throwing in MJ was stupid. (Quite the effort from Frank and I find myself going from hating the guy to rooting for him to win it all.) But really why would you have the dumbest guy on your team answer all of the questions in the "buried alive" challenge? (I'm not being racist, Nehemiah is just stupid.) Also, all of the girls on the rookie team are retarded. I've just about given up on the show but I'll continue to watch b/c theres nothing else on Wednesday at 9.

But really.....Come on Fred or Winks I want a column on Survivor or American Idol starting next week. You can go online and watch the two episodes you missed to catch up Fred. Survivor is looking to be an awesome season. I want some tv reviews people!

Anonymous said...


Now we are talking. Winks does a good job getting the public what they want. First by getting Bear on board for the Gauntlet reviews. Now we just need to get us an A.I. review.

"Buried Alive" was probably one of the best challenges I have seen yet. Obviously the producers have a ton of games on stand by depending on the situation. They have the "Blind Maze" game which knocked off a Veteran due to less numbers for the Rookies. They try it again with "Buried Alive"...however the Veterans just dominate and over come the disadvantage. Same with the "Pole Push" challenge. Producers want to create some drama/issues between Veteran women and men. If men want to throw a challenge, why not just have a contest where they can't throw it without being obvious.

MJ over Frank!?! Never saw that one. I hate Frank. I loved him on Real World Vegas...hate him on the Gauntlet. He plays smart though. Tori claiming she isn't going to compete? Get that bitch off there (although she is hot, I will give her that). If you aren't gonna compete every time, get off the show. I think they are there longer than 12 days though Bear. Each episode is two days I assume. Maybe I am wrong. But yes, I get annoyed by Danny and Melinda. Obviously, you both can't win. You will see her when you get home. Get over it.

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