Monday, February 11, 2008

Badgers Slip in the Polls

The Badgers fall, although not too badly, in the latest edition of the Men's College Hoops polls. In the ESPN/USA Today Poll, they come in at 14th. Michigan State is 10th, Indiana 13th, and Purdue finally jumps in to the Top 25 at number 19.

Over in the AP Poll, things remain the same for the Big Ten teams except for the Badgers, who are 15th.

As we said earlier, big week in the Big Ten. Michigan State and Purdue play Tuesday night, and then the Badgers travel to Indiana the night after.

Also, because we sort of cover Marquette, we'll tell you they dropped out of the Top 25 this week in the AP. They are 25th in the Coaches Poll.


Anonymous said...

So I know that this is the bucky channel....but if you cover bucks, and brewers you def should cover Marquette. And also even though I really dislike the badgers; but I do love marquette can we give a little love to my Irish...i mean come on.

Anonymous said...

The Irish???? Com'on Lisa how can you like another team in the same conference as Marquette if you are a Marquette fan?

Anonymous said...

Okay see I'm not saying it hasn't been a little rough Bear. But as you of all people should know, I was born an Irish fan (otherwise GPA would have disowned me). So since that lovely year of 1984 I have been an Irish fan. Marquette is my favorite Wisconsin team, whom I do like a lot, and I always root for, unless they are playing the Irish. But I mean I really really really hate the Badgers. And how can I help it that Marquette joined the Big East ten years after ND?

Winks said...

Gotta admit, girl knows her stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dang straight.

Thanks Bart!!

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