Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bill Simmons Works The Trade Machine

It's no secret we here at The Bucky Channel are fans of Bill Simmons. In fact, I often think about quitting my job and moving to Boston to bartend while writing this blog on one of the six nights I'm not out partying, just to be more like him. But that's a decision for another day.

With the NBA Trade deadline looming, Bucks fans across Wisconsin are wondering if we have the balls to make something happen. Mo Williams? Gadz? Bobby Simmons? Charlie V? Mike Redd? I've said it before, besides Bogut and Yi, none of these guys have a future in Milwaukee, and we need to shake it up before it's too late. Well, thankfully we have a guy like Bill Simmons who not only loves the NBA, but loves the NBA Trade Machine. Here are the two trades he's drawn up concerning the Bucks:

1. Milwaukee trades Drew Gooden, Shannon Brown and Ira Newble for Charlie Villanueva and Bobby Simmons.

2. Chicago trades Ben Wallace, Luol Deng, Chris Duhon and Adrian Griffin to Milwaukee for Michael Redd, Dan Gadzuric, Charlie Bell and Desmond Mason.

At this point, I don't really care what we do, but we have to do something. The first trade seems realistic, Villanueva and Simmons have been a rumored package deal all year, although I'm not sure how much it excites me. Bill says Gooden would be a much needed banger, but beyond that it's nothing spectacular.

The second trade is definitely interesting. The odds between the Bucks and the Bulls should be higher than normal, because both GM's might not have jobs at this time next year, so why not? I really don't think D-Mase will be moved, but Gadz and Bell wouldn't be surprising. Having Ben Wallace would be weird, and might attract a few people to the seats... for a week or so.

Basicially, if we don't make a move I'm going to be real upset. We're mostly likely not making the playoffs and will be a fringe lottery pick. We won't end up in the top ten, so why not make a run to the playoffs? Why not trade to mix it up? Why not just try and DO SOMETHING? Why is Larry Harris content with a team that doesn't play well together, and has a roster of guys that wouldn't even see time on most other teams? And what has Michael Redd done lately that he is so untouchable?

Come on Larry, do something before you get canned anyways. You have an internet sports columnist who thinks he can do your job, and is campaigning pretty hard for it.


Anonymous said...

hate the second trade, would do the first. bobby needs to go. the trade redd bandwagon (that you drive) needs to be put to a halt. theres no way in hell we get anything worthwhile for him right now.

Anonymous said...

Espn said that once again Sen. Herb Kohl, Declined a trade that would send Simmons, Bell, and Gadz, to the Knicks for Zach Randolph and either Fred Jones or Jared Jefferies..... What the hell Kohl..... ridiculous.

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