Monday, February 11, 2008

The Bucks Are Done

Oh, Sam. Who would have ever thought I'd miss you. In a post game interview with FSN's Scott Williams (who I think is great by the way), Cassell said the Bucks aren't far away from contending, they just need a leader. And he couldn't be more right. With a leader, the Bucks don't blow a huge game against New York and then lose when Michael Ruffin throws a grenade off the backboard in the game's final seconds. With a leader, the Bucks don't blow two straight home games they should have won. With a leader, Michael Redd can stop pretending he is one, and gel into his natural role as somebody's number two (Cavs win the Finals last year if he's with LeBron).

But they don't have a leader. They have a bunch of role players, and nobody that is "the guy". Bobby Simmons played five minutes against his old mates tonight. Charlie Bell and Royal Ivey still can't believe they are still in the league. Charlie V followed up a big Saturday night with only 2 points tonight. Redd shot 23 percent.

The only positive thing in the Bucks 96-89 loss to the Clippers? Apparently Mo Williams shaved his arms, and he's faster now.

See you at the NBA Draft lottery (not so fast Coach K).


Anonymous said...

charlie v got hurt; royal ivey rules.

Anonymous said...

Charlie still put in a good 15 min.
Royal Ivey was awful on Saturday, the only thing saving him for me is how awesome he is on the little things on the Bucks jumbotron.

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