Sunday, February 10, 2008

LIVE BLOG - NFL Pro Bowl (3rd Quarter)

5:26 - Hester with a nice return to start the 3rd Quarter.

5:27 - How was Lifehouse?

5:28 - Cameraman in the huddle like the old XFL days.

5:29 - Of course, the dancer wearing a KGB jersey at halftime was the whitest girl on the stage.

5:29 - He Hate Me is here! And he does hate me.

5:31 - McCarthy going for it on 4th again.

5:31 - Torry Holt is here?

5:32 - AP in for six. NFC takes the lead 28-27!

5:35 - b2 is right, I should pimp my google ads like PFT pimps Sprint phones.

5:38 - I'm glad Derek Anderson got to go to the game, he had a great year, and the Browns should keep him for a long time.

5:39 - Al Harris gets a penalty for something he couldn't do well against Plax.

5:40 - These dumb rules are slowing down the game.

5:41 - Bear: if you are going to make that rule change, why even bring Al Harris to the pro bowl

5:41 - The logo is still messed up on Anderson's jersey.

5:42 - Oh, Fred.

5:47 - I'm back, my computer is really on it's last legs.

5:47 - AFC took the lead 30-28.

5:48 - Hester lateral to Witten on the kickoff return.

5:49 - Romo and McCarthy bonding.

5:49 - Jeff Garcia sighting. Wow, the only representative from the NFC South?

5:51 - CWest23: MVP Bironas

5:52 - Cromartie again!

5:55 - As a punter, the worse your team is, the better chance you have of making the Pro Bowl.

5:57 - At least five Cowboys in right now.

5:58 - Garcia to Owens! Weird.

6:00 - Not enough Packers.

6:00 - End of the 3rd. AFC up 2 with a quarter to play. Exciting finish ahead!


CWest23 said...

MVP Bironas

CWest23 said...

Is McCarthy trying to wear out Peterson for next year. He has 30 carries.

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