Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bucks Avoid Complete Embarrassment

It wasn't because they were playing the Detroit Pistons that I thought the Bucks could blow a 20 point lead. It was more because I saw them blow a similiar lead to the NEW YORK KNICKS just two weeks before. Thankfully, they survived a comeback from the Pistons, and were able to go on and win the game 103-98.

Michael Redd had 27 points in what should be his last game as a Buck, Charlie Villanueva had 8 pts and 3 rebounds in what we think is his last game as a Buck but won't be, and Bogut had 14 points and 14 boards in what should be his final game playing with Bobby Simmons. Seriously, if they don't make a deal tomorrow...

I'm actually surprised the Bucks pulled this one out. As Scott Williams noted, even up 15 points they were playing not to lose. The Bucks have very little confidence, even when they are up big, late in the game, against a good team. This stems from the fact they don't have a leader, no matter how good Redd thinks he is. Rasheed kept nailing three's towards the end, but after an errant 3 point attempt, by I think Chauncy Billups, it looked like the Bucks had this one wrapped up. Well, Mo Williams decided to make it interesting by calling a time out he didn't have. This stems from the fact they don't have a good coach, and that Mo Williams isn't very smart.

Either way, the Bucks win keeps them in the playoff "race". They'll face Detroit again in just two days, as they complete their home and home Friday night at 7pm. Game, as usual, can be seen on FSN Wisconsin.

(Side note here, if you don't like the NBA, find a way to watch the last quarter of this Suns / Lakers game. Gasol, Kobe, Shaq, Amare, and Nash all on the same floor. Two quality teams playing their hearts out in front of an enthusiastic crowd. What's not to love?)


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