Sunday, February 17, 2008

NBA All-Star Game Live Blog (2nd Quarter)

8:16 - 2nd Quarter. Remember, to make a comment you can leave one in the comment section, email, or IM me through AOL Instant Messanger at winkobot.

8:16 - By the way Fred, we started a new post.

8:17 - Comment from Jon: Jon didn't forget about Juan Carlos Navarro...Jon doesn't know who Juan Carlos Navarro. I haven't watch a full NBA game since 1997. This is so sloppy. I am used to good basketball...WSU style.

8:17 - Jon, for all this pub I'm giving you, you should click on an ad.

8:18 - Anyone else for that matter.

8:20 - Comment from Bill Simmons: Doc Rivers is a good coach when he has 3 borderline hall of famers

8:21 - Oops, I meant comment from Bear.

8:21 - Ray for THREEEEEE!

8:25 - Kudos to TNT with the "Inside Trax" for the exchange between Kidd and his trainer, Tim Walsh!

8:28 - Comment from Bear: Do Duncan and James know something we dont?

8:28 - Kobe talking about his first All-Star game. I watched that today!

8:30 - What the hell was all that about? Cool exchange though resulting in Howard dunk.

8:30 - The pace picking up a bit.

8:31 - Stock Lemon said to take the over on the game today, I think that was a good call. It's 262, but this little run definitely helped.

8:32 - Roy misses a wide open dunk.

8:33 - Jon, I think clicking on every ad is gonna hurt me rather than help, but thanks. What's important isn't that you click an ad, but that you take the time to check out the people that help make this site possible, and maybe purchase something from them.

8:34 - Did I just sell out?

8:36 - Comment from Gweeds: WWE update, flair just beat Mr. Kennedy in Now Way Out

8:36 - My MVP picks LeBron and Howard are the current leaders so far.

8:37 - Comment from b2: tell jon that he should order some wyoming cowboys apparel or order an nba educational dvd

8:37 - Jon, I said there would be no more NASCAR on this site. I never said anything about not covering the excitement that happens every summer at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway!

8:40 - East up 64-57.

8:40 - Comment from Bear: Apparently Brandon Roy doesn't think this is a serious game

8:41 - Looks like this game is just a giant ad for New Orleans, the same way the Pro Bowl was a giant ad for Hawaii.

8:42 - Comment from Kayne West: george bush does not care about the nba all star game

8:43 - Comment from Jon: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair making MN proud!

8:44 - Comment from b2: did they just say sell outs? are they talking about the bucky channel?

8:45 - Two minutes to go.

8:46 - Other Wisconsin sports blogs starting putting up the Butch bank shot up yesterday and crediting other blogs for it. We had it up Thursday. Just another reason The Bucky Channel is Coverage You Can Count On!

8:47 - I think I'm mixing up my real job and my blog.

8:48 - If only my blog was my real job.....

8:48 - Comment from b2: rasheed, chauncey, and rip are all in right now. i dont really like the pistons alternate jerseys.

8:48 - East up 74-65 at half.

8:48 - LeBron and Howard lead with 12 pts for the East. Roy for the West with 11.

8:48 - Comment from Bear (via CWest): WE MARQUETTE!!!

8:50 - Comment from b2: at least you have a real job and youre not still on clampus like me

8:53 - Halftime break. See you back for the start of the 3rd.


Anonymous said...

I plan on taking over this post as well...Family Guy and Big Brother are recording on DVR so I can't watch the All Star game in HD til it's done. Once that happens I won't be my computer so I will stop posting then.

Anonymous said...

DAMN IT. Click on an ad and it takes me away from my favorite website...The Bucky Channel. See how difficult it is.

Anonymous said...

clicked on two happy? i will keep clicking when the security deposit gets paid...pops said he doesn't need it all at once, so if you want to pay half this paycheck and half next, that is fine.

Anonymous said...

clicked on every ad possible on the Bucky Channel

Anonymous said...

Ana Wurtz for MVP...Fondy represent!

Anonymous said...

yes...yes you did sell out. And I will stop clicking on ads, cause I sure as hell am not going to be buying anything from those sites. I will click on them and get them a "hit" but I can't afford to buy from them.

Pledge me for the 2008 Polar Plunge!

Anonymous said...


Rick Flair making MN proud!

Anonymous said...

Excitement...minus your favorite Mark Lamoreaux. He will only be filling in on rare occasions for J. Herbst.

Anonymous said...

I spend most of my time at my real job reading the Bucky Channel...except for tonight while I am catching up on your old blogs (and adding comments of course)

Anonymous said...

Dirk ad with "Everyday" by Carly Comando...still the BEST Simpsons parody ever.

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