Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Done Calling Out Michael Redd

This is the way I envisioned this season to go back in October. The Bucks playing well at home, the Bradley (for now) Center on their feet, and just good all around basketball. It may be too little too late, but the Bucks are now showing the kind of fight they were lacking for much of the season. The Bucks are now 3-1 since the All-Star break, with wins over Detroit, Denver, and Cleveland. Not bad.

The Bucks traded leads with the Cavs for awhile, until the final minutes of the 4th quarter when they were doing everything they could to try to put the Cavs away. Cleveland kept fighting though, even when LeBron was off the court, as their bench outscored Milwaukee 37-6. And just when it looked like the Bucks would wrap it up, former Buck Damon Jones pushed a shot in from behind the arc.

And then with the score tied at 102, with 1.7 seconds left, Michael Redd through up a contested three point shot that somehow found the back of the net, winning the games for the Bucks 105-102. It's been hard in the last week with the Bucks playing so well to forget that they are 22-35, but damn if they aren't putting on a good show to close out the season, and perhaps stumble upon a playoff berth.

Also for the Bucks, each starter was in double digits in the points category, including 37 from Mo Williams, and 25 from Redd. Big win for the Bucks, we'll see if they can keep it up against the B-Squad of the Mavericks, the New Jersey Nets.


Anonymous said...

things you left out thanks wally you fucking suck and shoot way to much and Mo is the shit and fred you need to stop hating on him. And for the record that was the only bucks game i attended all year so i am 1-0.

Anonymous said...

for the record im 16-11

Anonymous said...

I also heard Sawyer came off the bench to provide some much needed Defense. However, Lock disappointed me with his low shooting percentage. Thankfully Hurley was shooting lights out....oh wait, this isn't the Lost review?

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with Mo Williams, other than he shoots to much for a point guard, ruins team chemistry by calling out team unifiers, and tends to take ridiculous shots.

Wow, and last night he didn't do any of those, well i dont know about calling out anyone else on the team. But truth be told, I dont care if he take shots as long as hes making them, i hate when he starts chucking even when hes broke. He also got to the line 10 times tonight which is something he should key on more. It's frustrating to see such a good FT shooter not get to the line more.

Anonymous said...

mo off the dribble from about 20 feet is money every team. he takes a lot of shots for a point guard, but go ahead if youre hitting 48 percent. as far as calling people out, maybe he does maybe he doesnt, but ill wait for a more reliable source than a commenter on realgm before i jump to conclusions.


Anonymous said...

money every TIME

ps did we lose a commenter? didnt some chris dude always post shit on here? the bucky channel commenters are a dying breed.

Winks said...

ps did we lose a blogger? where has bear been!

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