Friday, February 15, 2008

Marquette's First Bucky Channel Post!

They aren't my favorite team from the Badger state, and I want nothing to do with them when they play Wisconsin, but we're an equal opportunity blogger, and we wanted to give Marquette some props for their big victory tonight against conference foe Pittsburgh. In the Coaches Poll, Marquette is still ranked at 25, while Pittsburgh came into Milwaukee tonight ranked 24th. The result was a dominating performance by Marquette, as they won 72-54.

Honestly, this might have been the first full Marquette game I've watched since watching them specifically for Travis Diener over at Gweed's house. Marquette is one of the fringe teams as far as the NCAA tourney is concerned, as this was a huge win for them tonight. Their schedule, minus a home game vs. Georgetown, is favorable (Florida Gulf Coast), and this win should help them finish strong and earn a respectable seed in the NCAA Tourney.


Anonymous said...

WE MARQUETTE!! About time Winks!

Anonymous said...

hey dumbass..its we ARE marquette..not we

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