Friday, February 15, 2008

At Least the Bucks Are Represented This Weekend...

Another NBA All-Star Weekend, another weekend without any Milwaukee Bucks. Thank God for the T-Moblie Rookie Challenge, otherwise we'd never see any Bucks during this time of year. Yi Jianlian was the lone representative for the Bucks tonight (why no David Noel for the Sophomores?), and he had an average game. Yi had 8 points, 2 boards, and one assist.

The Sophomores continued their winning streak in the game, blowing past the Rooks by a score of 136-109. The Cavs' Daniel Gibson finished with 33 points and took home the MVP honors.

And speaking of All-Star Weekend, why not join the Bucky Channel Sunday Night at 7 for the NBA All-Star game live blog??? We're going to see (and interview!) Obama tomorrow, so we'll be able to come to you Sunday, as promised.

See you then.


Anonymous said...

save the obama chatter for illinichannel you traitor

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