Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Need A Logo!

While we do have a few loyal readers in just a month's time, we're still very green, and very much a new kid on the blogosphere block. We've had a blast covering all that is Wisconsin sports, and then some, in the last 30 days, but one thing has been missing from our site!

A logo!

That's where we are asking for your help. We'll take either ideas, or actual creations from you. I'm not sure this is a contest, but I'll try to throw something nice in for the winner. Maybe 10 bucks? Or will forever being linked to a barely read blog be good enough? We'll think about it.

In the meantime, we hope to get a logo on here for the end of March. It may have only been a month, but we're already past the "fad" part of this and have been re-affirmed this is something we love doing. But we can't go any further without a logo! (of course, having Bucky Badger in would make sense, but we're unsure of copyright issues)

Email any suggestions or logos to


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