Saturday, February 23, 2008

Padres Eyeing Gabe Gross?

"I can Only Imagine" a scenario in which Gabe Gross isn't in a Brewer uniform come Opening Day. According to, St. Gabriel could be a Padre soon enough. I'm not sure if the Trade Rumors guy has heard something, or if he's just predicting, but I thought it was worth passing along. He says the Padres have been previously trying to work a deal for either Matt Murton or some Rangers that haven't worked out, and that Gross would be a good fit for them. He may be expendable to the crew, with an outfield of Braun, Cameron, Gywnn Jr., Hart, and depending on how much we like Kapler. Personally, I don't see us making any more moves before Opening Day.


Tony Brown said...

Gabe Gross loves Jesus and he's not afraid to let Miller Park know. I'm gonna miss Estrada's "Walk it Out" which was maybe fitting because he couldn't really run.

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