Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Team Divided

Apparently the Bucks locker room isn't a jovial place these days. There are reports that many players aren't getting along, which no doubt is a result of their current losing streak. The Bucks lost their last two home games against the Knicks and the Clippers, two games they should have won. Tonight, they played at the level of their competition, only this time, they team they played was actually good.

There were about twenty lead changes between the Bucks and the New Orleans Hornets tonight, but in the end it was a big Peja Stojakovic three pointer that helped lead the Hornets over Milwaukee 111-107.

This shot came just seconds after Yi Jianlian hit a big three that had the Bradley Center roaring, and believe it or not, on it's feet. But another crushing blow is making it difficult to watch this team, with still two months of NBA Basketball to be played.


Anonymous said...

CP3 FOR MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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