Friday, February 22, 2008

That Was Embarrassing

Well, even the most optimistic of Bucks fans have to be wondering where this team is headed after tonight's loss (even Prinze, the biggest supporter I know). After a 1st quarter which saw the Bucks up 35-33 against Detroit, I began to agree with my brother that maybe Wednesday night's win against the Pistons was the start of something different over there in Bucks Town (.com). But the Bucks quickly reverted to their old way, as they were outscored 32-11 in the 2nd quarter, and eventually lost the game 127-100.

The only impressive thing about tonight's game was the color commentary that Scott Williams provided for us on FSN Wisconsin (if you look closely, that's former Buck Joe Smith in the picture with him, and tell me again why the Pistons had those jersey's in the mid-9o's?) Filling in for Jon McGlocklin, I thought Scott provided some great analysis and had a good rapport with Jim Paschke. Of course, I like McG as much as the next guy, even though he's one of the biggest homers in all of announcing. But Scott Williams was in his natural role tonight. I'd much prefer to see him next to Paschke than I would with Craiggers.

As for the Bucks on the court, they're back in Milwaukee to take on the Nuggets tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

yea maybe i was wrong. still sessions is the man.

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