Friday, February 8, 2008

Redd, Yi Expected to Go Tomorrow

After six games without their "star" Michael Redd, the Bucks are expected to see him return to the floor Saturday night against the Knicks. The Bucks went 2-4 in his absense, and have seen improved play out of Royal Ivey and even Mo Williams. Also returning should be Yi Jianlian, who was out two games with a shoulder injury.

The Bucks are currently 19-31 yet just two games out of a playoff spot. I hate when people say how much weaker the East is than the West, but if they were in the West, they would be 10 1/2 games out and already thinking about next year.

The Bucks take on the Knicks, and hopefully Herb Kohl attends this one so he can see that he should be trading for Zach Randolph and Renaldo Balkman.


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