Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brian Butch is Money

A Brian Butch bank shot 3-pointer was the difference tonight as the Badgers upset the Indiana Hoosiers in Indiana, 68-66. It was a fitting end to the game, in which Wisconsin threw up 26 3 point shots, with 10 of them falling in. Analysts after the game couldn't stop talking about how much of a prayer Butch's shot was. Butch is no stranger to taking 3's, but to bank in the game winner is pretty incredible.

Eric Gordon and D.J. White were again the forces to be reckoned with for the Hoosiers, combining for 40 points. The leader for the Badgers was Jason Bohannon, as all 18 of his points came of the long ball.

It was a close game throughout, with Indiana leading much of the way. Wisconsin stayed with them because of their beyond the arc shooting, and stole one from the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall.

Wisconsin improves to 10-2 in the Big Ten, one game back of Purdue.


Anonymous said...


Bear said...

haha that was probably gweeds

Anonymous said...

butch made one shot, he's still a bitch that i'd like to kick his ass

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