Monday, February 11, 2008

I Had Fun at a Bucks Game, Seriously.

I really haven't had many opportunities in my life to watch NBA games in person. I'm pretty sure Anthony Mason was wearing a Bucks uniform the last time I did. But with the prospect of collecting an Andrew Bogut bobblehead (which would later break), I thought now was as good of a time as any to head to Milwaukee and take in a game.

American NBA fans are a dying bread (excuse me, breed). Most fans that are basketball fans in this country either prefer the college game, or even, god forbid, high school ball. The knack on the NBA is that it is too boring, and hard to get into. Another knock on it is that players are selfish, they never pass, and no one plays defense. Some people critize the Association for being a long 82 games, but these are the same people that love baseball, which is twice as long.

I can agree with you that the atmosphere at an NBA game isn't as crazy as in a college arena, but that doens't mean it's not fun. The players on the floor are part of the best collection of basketball talent in the world. The games are competitive. And you can't go wrong with the fan challenges and giveaways during timeouts in the game.

I sat about as nosebleed as it gets Saturday, in the highest row of the stadium. The seats were still fine, we were able to see all the action. I like sitting close to the floor, who doesn't, but it's nice to sit high and observe the court from that perspective once in a while too. But it was fun.

Unless you are at a playoff game or watching a game in Oklahoma City, I think it's fair to say that as a fan, you're thoughts while watching an NBA game are this:

1st Quarter - "We can arrive a little late, catch a few plays, grab a beer, talk to our buddies."

2nd Quarter - "This is kind of boring. Oh, that was a nice play. I'm gonna grab something to eat."

3rd Quarter - "This is getting mildly interesting. This is some good basketball."

4th Quarter - "I'll call you back man, I'm at the Bucks game, it's exciting."

4th Quarter (last minutes of close game) - "THIS IS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!"


4th Quarter (blowout) - "I paid for this crap?"

So I guess it varies, but all in all it's easy to have fun at an NBA game. Of course, the beer helps too. Couple other random thoughts from the Bucks game:

* One of the guys I was with mentioned how it seems they always find the worst possible athletes to participate in the fan contests.

* Ticket scalpers at the Bucks game are pathetic. If I'm going to scalp a ticket from you, can it at least be a decent seat?

* I think it's really important, no matter what sport, that there is a good restaurant / bar near or in the Stadium. St. Louis has Joey B's. The Brewers have TGI Fridays. Even the La Crosse Loggers have the Sports Nut, or Sloopy's Alma Mater. And the Bucks, they have Gametime. Seriously, having fun at a bar after the game makes it seems like the game was that much more fun.

* It is weird at NBA games when the music they play runs through the timeout and continues while the guys are playing.

* The Bradley Center isn't as bad as people think.

* The Bucks are really, really bad. Who blows a 17 point lead to the New York Knicks?

With that said, I had a lot of fun at the Bucks game. If I lived in Milwaukee, I'm sure I'd go a lot more games. But unfortunately, I'm three hours away, and it's tought to get to the games. Although, I still need a Bucks bobblehead, so I'm sure I'll be back soon enough.


Chris said...

I am glad that American NBA fans are a dying bread. What goes good on that? Peanut Butter or is it more of a ham and cheese. (Sorry to pick on your spelling inadequacies)

Anonymous said...

haha hilarious.

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