Sunday, February 10, 2008

LIVE BLOG - NFL Pro Bowl (1st Quarter)

3:26 - Well, it's finally time for the Pro Bowl! I'm still not sure how I made it back from Milwaukee on time after the ride from hell (with credit to Richard Lewis). But I'm here and I hope you are too, let's watch the Pro Bowl together!

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3:31 - FOX with another lame intro.

3:31 - How can you not love the Pro Bowl? We have Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnson, the Goose, and Brian Baldinger!

3:33 - Did anyone bet on the length of this national anthem?

3:36 - If you know anyone else watching the game (hard to find, I know), let them know about the only Pro Bowl live blog around!

3:39 - Having the Redskins be the captains was a nice touch.

3:39 - And it's guys like Fred Taylor that make the Pro Bowl special.

3:41 - Bear: "Sweet wrap arounds goose"

3:41 - AFC gets the ball first.

3:42 - Peyton Manning will never skip a Pro Bowl.

3:43 - Big strike to Gonzalez.

3:43 - BIG SACK BY KAMPMAN!!! So far, he's the MVP.

3:44 - Near sack again for Kampman, but another strike to Gonzalez.

3:45 - Bear: "is that Damon Huard playing qb???"

3:46 - Nope. Pass to Edwards to the 1.

3:47 - Lorenzo Neal Touchdown. There's not going to be a lot of defense in this game.

3:47 - The lack of effort on extra points is my favorite part of the game.

3:48 - Bear, if it's just us here, we should have stayed in Milwaukee and watched the game together.

3:50 - Big return by Hester.

3:52 - b2: "too bad kampman couldnt have sacked mannings brother like that"

3:53 - Hey, no spelling errors.

3:55 - Fake punt! Nice call Mike McCarthy!

3:55 - McCarthy looks awesome by the way.

3:55 - I dont know if I like the fact that Romo is miked up right now. Those are plays from the Packer playbook.

3:56 - There were four players in that shot, all Cowboys.

3:57 - Touchdown NFC! Fitzgerald from Romo.

4:00 - That Diet Pepsi commerical is why we hate Joe Buck.

4:01 - Big return by Cribbs. There should be a lot of those today too, none of these guys usually play special teams besides the returners and kickers.

4:04 - Bear: Fred Dean making Goose sound more coherent

4:06 - No quit in Aaron Kampman.

4:08 - Almost a pick by Ellis.

4:08 - Those walkie talkies sound terrible.

4:08 - Moose and his damn number system.

4:09 - Manning to Houshmanzadeh. 14-7 AFC.

4:10 - Reggie Wayne is getting jealous.

4:13 - Onside kick?

4:14 - b2: this game is pumping me up for the hall of fame game in august

4:15 - Any credibility this game had has just been erased by DeMarcus Ware.

4:16 - Bear: well i guess that kind of onside kick works too

4:17 - Bear: this game kind of has a Harlem Globetrotter feel to it

4:19 - Derek Anderson's Browns logo is upside down on his sleeve.

4:20 - Bear: enough with the walkietalkie... you cant even understand what they are saying... but something tells me that they will use it about 25 more times today

4:21 - Maybe I shouldn't add names to readers comments, and it will look like more people are commenting.

4:22 - 17-7 AFC. MVP so far is Peyton.

4:23 - Still waiting for a Driver sighting.

4:23 - b2 points out they should run fake field goals and extra points because some guys aren't even watching.

4:23 - Moose needs to get over himself, quickly.

4:24 - Clifton sighting.

4:25 - That's the end of the first, this game isn't nearly as bad as people say it is.


Anonymous said...

wow... how the hell did you make it back that fast.... impressive.

CWest23 said...

Rob Bironis to the theme of My Sharona

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