Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bucks Play it Safe at Deadline

Another trade deadline, another day of inactivity for Bucks owner Herb Kohl and GM Larry Harris. I've been screaming for weeks for the Bucks to do something, anything, to shake it up a bit. In fact, Bucks fan's have been on "Welcome, Zach Randolph" standby since rumors of him being traded to Milwaukee surfaced a little over a month ago. Whispers of deals in the works with the Bulls and Cavs added a little bit of an excitement level to a season which continued to fade away by the day. But the motto was simple for Herb Kohl and the 2008 Bucks. If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the ones you're with. (By the way, thanks to TWolves Blog for the picture).

First of all, let me just say that there is no way this current Bucks team ever makes the playoffs. Not this year, not the next, not the year after that. No matter how bad the Eastern Conference may be after the top three teams, the Bucks will continue to be going home April after April if they don't do something.

Things need to change. Herb Kohl knows that. He's not making any money off of this team, but he is the only thing keeping them in Milwaukee. Larry Harris is probably on the way out after this year, and a lot of these current Bucks won't be Bucks two years from now.

But Kohl weighed his options, and realized there was nothing out there that he liked. He nixed a deal today that would have sent Zach Randolph and Fred Jones for Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, and Bobby Simmons. Granted, Simmons and Gadz's contracts are terrible, and I was as shocked as anyone when we matched Miami's offer sheet on Bell. But Kohl was adament about not wanting Randolph, who would have been a bad contract himself, and with an less than stellar reputation.

The other trade options out there may have been the Newbie / Brown / Gooden combination from the Cavs, which would have been welcomed, but was nothing too earth shattering. We didn't have a shot at any of the big names that got traded unless we were parting ways with Redd, Bogut, or Yi, none of which were happening. This year's trade deadline just wasn't the right time for the Bucks to make a move.

But something needs to be done. This is a team that's 20-34 and doesn't seem to care. You know, maybe if they somehow weren't 3 1/2 games out of a playoff spot they would have traded Redd in a firesale. And while I would have liked to see them do something, anything, now may not have been the time. Let's take a look at the roster, and who's worth keeping.

Independsible: Andrew Bogut, Yi Jianlian

Bonafide Back-up: Desmond Mason, Charlie Villanueva (I say we keep him)

Young and Cheap: Royal Ivey, David Noel, Michael Ruffin

Twelve Man: Jake Voskuhl

So that's eight guys I think we should keep. Three to four of them starters. We're missing a quality point guard, and quality shooting guard that's not overrated.

Time to Say Goodbye: Charlie Bell, Dan Gadzuric, Michael Redd, Ramon Sessions, Bobby Simmons, Awvee Storey, Mo Williams.

If you like Bucks basketball, it's going to be awhile before this team is competitive again. They have limited trading chips, and guys that they are better off just eating thier contracts. It may be in their best interest to roll the dice with a lottery pick, and wait until the summer to make a play. I think Herb Kohl knows that, but he also knows that this season isn't going to be remembered for much more than the year all the old Bucks legends had their jerseys retired. And, for this season as least, he's done what the rest of the Bucks roster seemingly does each and every night.

He's given up.


Anonymous said...

last year of their contract: ruffin, voskuhl, royal, noel, storey. out of this bunch, we should only try to re sign royal for around 2 mil or so for two or three years. do you know were paying jake 3 mill this year? see ya.

and time to say goodbye to sessions? we havent even said hello to him yet. wait till he gets back from injury and he will prove to be at least a "bonafide back-up." he owns the d league i think he can be a good player. very unselfish. and if we dont keep him, were sure as hell not keeping noel, who traded places with sessions in tulsa.

also, ruffins like 30.

these guys will be on next years team for sure: mo, redd, bogut, yi, d mase, sessions, charlie bell, and maybe cv

hopefully so will ivey and i dont know his contract details, but itd be nice to pry ersan back from europe. im indifferent towards noel, but im guessing he'll get a one year tender offer sort of deal.

absolutely need to get rid of: gadz and bobby

not re signed: vosk, ruffin, storey

redd can be a ball hog, mo can be a punk, and bell still hasnt made up for wanting out, but the ink is still dry on mo and bells contracts and redd simply isnt going anywhere soon. we can live with those guys, probably part ways with villy, play yi at small (or wait till he gets big enough to play pf) and find another forward. redd might not be a max money guy who can carry the team, but hes a good player and honestly how overpaid is he in the nba, 3 mil? again thats voskuhls contract and he doesnt even play. redd is fine. im comfortable with our starters, but we have no bench.

get rid of gadz and bobby, probably cv cause hell have a tude about not starting, and sign or trade for a badass pf.

Anonymous said...

one more thing, if you couldnt tell, i have an unexplained and probably unwarranted optimism about the bucks second half, probably because they just beat the pistons.

unless last night was an all-around trade deadline audition, 8 seed here we come.

also, redds reaching the point where im wondering who is overrating him anymore? everythin i read tells me how overrated he is, but i havent read anything really praising him. overpaid, sure, but theres no way i wouldnt have re signed him.

go bucks

Winks said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed that we didnt have any effort in bringing in a small forward that can play the position with some confidence.It always seems when bobby comes in he'll throw up a couple bricks and make 2 or 3. Besides the New York trade which i would of taken in a heartbeat, a young player like a gerald green that can bring some energy in. Even though he was traded to the Rockets we could of put simmons and gadz in a deal..I agree Harris might be gone after this season..

Anonymous said...

just so you know, dad was watching the news yesterday after we didnt make any moves, and it said that we didnt do anything now but we should expect a big offseason

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