Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Bucky Channel is Going to Milwaukee!

Unfortunately for us here at The Bucky Channel, we don't live in Milwaukee or the Greater Milwaukee Area. So it's a challenge for us to be able to attend several Bucks or Brewers games. But with the Andrew Bogut bobblehead deal too good of an opportunity to pass up, we're heading down to Milwaukee to watch the Bucks take on the Knicks.

We'll be back tomorrow with our Pro Bowl live blog, more updates, and look for our column about our Bucks game experience early next week.

Thanks for visiting The Bucky Channel, and why not use this time to tell your friends about the fatest growing Wisconsin sports blog on the web (we think)!


Anonymous said...

A. Big Ten sucks
B. Bucks got beat by 1 blew a 17 pt lead
C. your a prick for not visiting me.

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