Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review: Gauntlet III (RW/RR Sea.15/Eps. 4)

The Gauntlet left us off last week with the Rookies team finally getting a win, bringing the overall score 4-1 Vetrans lead. This is already looking like the biggest lopsided Real World/Road Rules Challange ever. Tyrie left last week which paved the way for...........tah dah MJ. This weeks pre-competition theme is "trimming the fat". MTV really wanted you to know that by hammering it into your head about 10 times. This week seemed to show a few alliances beginning to form. On the Rookies side you seem to have the Austin cast of Melinda, Johanna, Nehemiah, and Rachel. You also have Frank and Jillian. By the way, these two are unbelievably annoying. At one point MJ called Frank a dork due to his over-the-top yelling and swearing. I don't know about you but I've always hated being on the same team with a guy like Frank. He is the perfect person to go up against however because you definately don't feel bad kicking his ass. But I digress. On the Vetrans side you have pretty much all the guys conspiring against the girls because since they have 15 players still, some of the girls could become a hinderance.

In the first challange they had to push a car over peices of wood in the sand across the finish line. The Vetrans are getting killed until they say screw the boards and push the car over the sand using all 15 players...... and of course win. Vetrans 5, Rookies 1. In the process Melinda gets a "concussion" but I'll talk about that later. The Vetrans vote to save Johanna and throw in Janelle. While the Rookies vote to put in Jillian for the third time, Frank gets up on his soap box to go to bat for Jillian. This is dumb. First of all, both times Jillian was picked by the Vetrans, she got to pick who she wanted to go against. Now that some one else has picked her to go in, Frank decides that its unfair. Blah, Blah, Blah. Frank has now let his personal interest get in the way of his team and now I imagine that the Rookie guys probably can't wait until he or Jillian are gone. Well Jillian wins the gauntlet for the third time and Janelle is gone. Cue the Frank and Jillian love fest.......and there it is. The Rookies are down to 11 players.

Well in the second challange it gets only uglier and in a challange that I still don't quite get what was going on, the Vetrans win again. Vetrans 6, Rookies 1. The Vetrans again save the worst guy on the Rookies being Ryan, while throwing in Frank, thank god. Unfortunately Frank picks Zach and in a puzzle gauntlet outwits(?) Zach. Rookies down to 10. After this, Vetran guys Evan and Danny decide that its time to "trim the fat". Again I guess, but they decide to start throwing missions on girl gauntlet days. Interesting that Danny would agree to do that since his girl friend and fellow Austin cast member Melinda is on the Rookies team and would stay longer if Vetran girls start getting sent home.

Speaking of Melinda, she got a free pass from the gauntlet when she had to go to the hospital for a "concussion". Seriously though, have you ever been hit in the head before. Of course you have and no doubt that it hurts, but she was hit in the head by a 1" by 8" board moving at a walking pace. Either she is a melodramatic girl or she was faking it, odds are both. This was the same girl that used the n-word at one point during the Austin Real World season. Fun Fact: Melinda is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It appears that next week Beth will end up in the gauntlet, surprisingly MTV hasn't beaten that subplot to death yet, but im sure they will.


Unknown said...

TJ Lavin 4 LIFE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Melinda talking about how she might die if she falls off the beam into the water and hits her head wrong? What the hell is up with that?

Should be an interesting next few weeks as the Veteran guys start throwing challenges. Obviously the girls will be bitching about it.

Nice to see MJ! And getting into it with CT. GO MJ!

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