Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NBA Trade: Kidd Going West

It looks like the west is getting stronger as New Jersey Nets star point guard Jason Kidd has been traded in principle to the Dallas Mavericks today. Included in the deal to make the salaries work, PF Malik Allen will be sent along with Kidd for guards Devin Harris (former Badger), Maurice Agar, fowards Jerry Stackhouse and Devean George, and center DeSagana Diop. The Dallas Mavericks will also send a pair of future first round draft picks and the max amount of cash in the sum of $3 million. In an unreleated deal, it looks as if the Nets will send forward Antoine Wright for a future Dallas second round pick.

Update: Apparently, Devean George has exercised his right to block the trade. He would have been one of the four players sent to the Nets. Devean George!


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