Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ryan Dempster Is Delusional

No need to play the 2008 season guys. The MLB is just going to deliver the trophy to Addison Street. Because according the Ryan Dempster, the Cubs are going to win the World Series.

He doesn't believe in the billy goat curse. He doesn't believe it's bad karma that hasn't allowed them to win a World Series in the last 100 years. He simply believes they are a better team than last year, better enough to win the whole thing.

I don't know Ryan. That wasn't a very inspiring performance you put up against the Diamondbacks in the playoffs last year. Right now, on paper, I don't see how you guys match up in a best of seven against any of the AL powerhouses, I really don't. I don't even see you winning your own division.

For one, I'm not sold on your rotation past Zambrano, and maybe a little bit Rich Hill. There's nothing wrong with guys like Marquis, Lilly, and Lieber, if you're ok with guys that are no better than .500 pitchers.

I think you're overrating Fukudome, and Felix Pie isn't an everyday center fielder. The middle infield is weak, and your rotating wheel of catchers has settled on Geovany Soto. Sure.

What about your divisional foes? The Reds aren't any worse than they were a year ago, especially after strengthening their bullpen. The Astros have mixed it up with trades for Michael Bourn and Miguel Tejada. They may not be anything special, but they aren't a team you can look past. Your division rival Cardinals will always put up a fight, especially against your team.

I haven't even mentioned the most improved team in the NL Central, the Milwaukee Brewers. Last year the problems were the bullpen, and defense. Well, overall the bullpen has improved, and if one of their five closer candidates can't put something together, well then the Brewers just weren't meant to ever compete. The defense has been solidified with a Gold Glover in Mike Cameron, a great defensive backstop in Jason Kendall, and of course the move of Bill Hall to his natural infield position. Also, with Braun no longer a liability at 3rd, Yost won't have to take him out for defensive purposes and the Brewers can count on his bat for all nine innings.

It was a bold prediction, Mr. Dempster. And I applaud your confidence in your team, but unfortunately it's just not going to be the Chicago Cubs year.

Make that 101 years without a World Series Championship.


Anonymous said...

This IS the year...we Cubs fans will say that every April/May. Once June/July rolls around, we will be saying...well there is always next year. I think we learned that from our pigskin fans that live north of us.

Anonymous said...

the cubs are gay

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