Sunday, February 10, 2008

LIVE BLOG! NFL Pro Bowl (4th Quarter)

6:03 - Garcia to Witten to start the final quarter.

6:03 - CWest23: Is McCarthy trying to wear out Peterson for next year. He has 30 carries.

6:03 - Money is on the line. These guys will start to step it up.

6:04 - Garcia to Owens Touchdown!

6:05 - Moose finally makes a good point about how you can't press until the five yard line, and that's why we're seeing these six yard strikes for TDs.

6:05 - 35-30, NFC.

6:06 - I'm going out on a limb and saying Goose is being underused today.

6:09 - Anderson has been off today.

6:11 - Although Moose does look good in a Packer helmet.

6:11 - Bear: If some guy stomps on my face and gives me 30 stitches... im not going to be his friend.

6:12 - Brett Favre should have been here, he couldn't have played just one series?

6:12 - T.O. for MVP?

6:13 - Lets put an end to the "Getcha Popcorn Ready" references.

6:14 - Just as I wrote that, Bear sends:
"Get yo' popcorn ready." Has been said about 10 times too many this year

6:15 - Big fourth down for the AFC.

6:17 - Turnover on downs.

6:21 - Mike McCarthy is awesome, just thought I'd throw that out there.

6:21 - Driver with a nice catch, keeps the drive alive. Let's get him a TD.

6:22 - This one looks like it's in the books. Maybe.

6:24 - Owens wants the MVP.

6:26 - Let's get Driver in the end zone here.

6:29 - Touchdown Adrian Peterson. Joins Owens for the MVP race.

6:30 - 42-30 NFC.

6:30 - Gary Zimmerman stuck in an elevator? Weird question.

6:31 - Bear: A CC-sized dip in Zimmerman's mouth.

6:34 - For some reason I have a sudden urge to travel to Hawaii...

6:34 - Two minute warning.

6:36 - Yeah, Weezer!

6:39 - Another Kampman sack. Great game for him today.

6:39 - Bear: AK74

6:42 - Come on Sharper.

6:42 - Ah, there it is.

6:42 - Bear: NFC owns the AFC.

6:43 - NFC wins 42-30. Mike McCarthy goes 1-0 in the Pro Bowl. Thanks for joining us, and come back for another live blog next week during the NBA All-Star game.

6:46 - One more thing, Adrian Peterson grabs the MVP.


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