Sunday, February 17, 2008

NBA All-Star Game Live Blog (3rd Quarter)

9:11 - Again, you can comment by leaving a message on the post, emailing me at, or IM me through AOL IM at winkobot.

9:11 - Comment from Jon: I spend most of my time at my real job reading the Bucky Channel...except for tonight while I am catching up on your old blogs (and adding comments of course)

9:11 -The half-time show was entertaining, but the whole rebuilding thing came off a little tacky.

9:13 - Comment from Bear: Never Back Down.... is that sequel to the fast and the furious?

9:17 - Bear said that about an hour ago, but I finally saw the commerical.

9:17 - 3rd Quarter begins.

9:18 - Who's got a better shot of making this game next year, Yi or Bogut? You gotta say Yi because of the Chinese support. He was probably left off the ballot because the NBA knew the Chinese would vote him in. I love the Chinese.

9:19 - Reggie Miller called Kobe "Triple Ocho". Has that been around? I think it's dumb.

9:22 - Couple of missed dunks.

9:22 - There's a lot of scoring, but this is a pretty controlled NBA All-Star game.

9:24 - Comment from Bear: Only Lebron could take a horrible shot, make it, then have announcers talk about how great it was

9:25- Ask my dad, that shot of LeBron's is the only one I can take when we're playing pick-up.

9:28 - Good article here about All-Star snubs. There's gotta be a way to get this kid to write for The Bucky Channel.

9:30 - I'm going to join the 50 Million Pounds thing.

9:32 - Either this has been a fast quarter, or I'm slacking.

9:32 - 98-87 East right now, gotta feel good about that over!

9:33 - Hometown boy David West cuts lead to 7.

9:34 - West making a comeback.

9:34 - Doug Collins is right, we're in for a good finish.

9:34- East break the century mark.

9:34 - Comment from reader: this game blows more than hurricane katrina. too soon? too lame?
9:36 - Bush won't do anything about that comment for at least a week.

9:39 - All-Star games aren't the same without Cheryl Miller's sideline reporting.

9:40 - Jason Kidd explaining to LeBron how to beat your loved ones.

9:41 - I've haven't seen a crowd of people in New Orleans this dead since...

9:42 - .... a Saints game. What did you think I meant?

9:42 - 3rd Quarter ends, forgot what the score was.


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