Monday, February 18, 2008

Bucky in the Top Ten!

The Badgers have climbed back into the Top Ten in the ESPN / USA Today Coaches Poll, sliding in at number ten after their improbable win over Indiana this week. Marquette is 24 in the same poll.

The AP Poll has the Badgers at 11, Marquette at 25.

Former UW-Milwaukee coach Bruce Pearl has Tennessee in the two spot in both polls. They play at top ranked Memphis this weekend.

AP Notables

1. Memphis
2. North Carolina
11. Wisconsin
14. Purdue
15. Indiana
19. Michigan State
25. Marquette

ESPN/USA Today Notables

1. Memphis
2. Tennessee
10. Wisconsin
14. Indiana
15. Purdue
17. Michigan State
24. Marquette

Still no reason though that Purdue isn't ahead of Wisconsin and Indiana.


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