Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction

The New England Patriots went undefeated in the regular season, and are currently going for a 19-0 record. The New York Giants went 10-6, but won three games in the playoffs.

The Patriots broke the scoring record by putting up 589 on the board this season. The Giants had 373.

On that same token, the Patriots outscored their opponets by 315 points. 315 points!!!! Did you know that eleven teams in the NFL didn't even score 315 points??? The Giants outscored their opponents by 22.

Patriots, 75 touchdowns. Giants, 44.

The Patriots have won the Super Bowl three times since 2001. The Giants haven't been there since they got destroyed by the Ravens in 2000.

The Patriots have the games best coach, quarterback, wide receiver, and offensive line.

The Patriots got to the Super Bowl after beating quality opponents such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Diego Chargers. The Giants beat the Bucs (no offense), Cowboys (on the decline since week 13), and Packers (weren't ready for the big stage, couldn't muster an offense in the cold).

And half of the country is picking the Giants because????

Is it wishful thinking? Is it because the Giants played them hard for three quarters in week 17 before the Patriots said, "Enough of this, we're going to decide to win now." Is it because we want to see two Mannings win back to back Super Bowls? How did everyone go from hating the Mannings to loving them in just a year and a half? Don't tell me it's because of the double stuff oreo league commercial! Is it because they are "road warriors" or a "team of destiny?" I dont know. I don't get it.

Why can't people just be rational here. The Patriots are the best team ever. They are. No other team has dominated the league like this. They are in a league of their own, and no one comes close. This goes beyond the fact that I want them to win because a) I don't hate them like everyone, can we please stop pretending they are the "Yankees of football?" b) I hate the 1972 Dolphins, and don't want to see them celebrate again c) I'm not rooting for the team that knocking the Packers out of the playoffs to win the Super Bowl.

But a lot of people are! Why Why Why? Some people have talked themselves into the Giants because "I'd rather see the team that beat us win the whole thing." You would, really? What if it were the Vikings? Or the Bears? Why would you ever wish good upon the team that sent you home for the offseason. Maybe I think backwards, but if someone beats me, I want to see them fall as hard and as fast as I did. Plus, no one, not even Packer fans, is going to look back in ten years and say, "I remember that Giants Patriots Super Bowl, I was glad New York won because they beat the Packers". I've never heard anyone say they were glad the Cowboys beat the Steelers in 1995.

Also, why do we hate the Patriots now? Because they are good? Or is it because they "cheated"? Spygate is not cheating. I am not good enough of a writer yet to explain to you why Spygate isn't cheating, I'm just not. But I am good enough to tell you that if you hate the Patriots because they figured out the defensive signals of the (swear word) New York Jets for one half of the 2007 season, that's illogical. Unless you're a Jets fan, then by all means.

Plus, haven't the Patriots been a little too quiet this week? This game isn't even going to be close. I wrote this three weeks ago, and I'm sticking to it:

The homer in me says New England will lose to Green Bay in the Super Bowl, but the Patriots are going to win the whole damn thing. They went 16-0 people. Blowouts, comebacks, nailbiters, whatever. They haven't lost, and they are not going to lose. This isn't a team of destiny, this is simply one of the best teams to have ever played this game.

The New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLII Super Bowl Champs. 19-0. Undefeated.

Get used to it.

Patriots 58, Giants 10


Chris said...

Well, I would say this is well written, and I mostly agree with you. To answer your one of your questions, I feel that the Patriots are one of those teams that you love to hate, such as the New York Yankees. We all know (unless you're naive) that the Pats are a ridiculously good team. Like you said, they have the best Coach, QB, WR, and O-line. But somewhere inside me I just don't want them to win. I can't explain it fully, cause like you, I am not that good at writing. I would also have to agree with you that I would never choose a team to win because they beat my team, that is also ridiculous, and to add another example from the MLB, I sure as hell didn't root for the Cubbies this past post-season when they took over the NL Central at the end of Sept. As stated before I would love to see the Giants take down the Pats, but in my heart I know that it will never happen. It will be a blowout. Eli will cry. The Pats win big.

Anonymous said...

I for the most part completely disagree. I want the Giants to win and no its not cause they beat the packers. Its because I hate the Patriots. I hate them for a multitude of reasons all starting from my former roomate who somehow is from wisconsin and the biggest patriot fan ever, and he would throw it in my face back in 2002, 2003. I hate the patriots because I don't like Tom Brady. I hate the patriots because they talk and act with the cockiest swagger you can have without coming out and saying it. I hate belichik and I dont like any of there linebackers and I despise rodney harrison. Its not even the Cheating thing, but I will say that I dont think they are the best team ever and I hope they lose. Most of all I'm sick and tired of the Boston Boner taking place in sports. I do not want to hear about how great the patriots are for the next 2 and half months until the draft. And I certainately do not want to hear about it next year every week. Basically what I'm trying to say is for the first time ever, I can't wait for the NFL season to be over!

That said the Patriots are going to kill the giants.

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