Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two Minutes in the Press Box

Went to the Packers / Lions game today, but unlike my adventure to St. Louis two weeks ago, it was not as a fan. It was as a member of the working media. As you can image, the two are highly contrasting situations. Just thought I'd share with you what this experience is like.

* It's a neat experience for sure. I'm sure when you work a game like this over and over, you might start to forget you're getting paid for being on Lambeau Field. But it was my first time on the actual field, and there is nothing like being on the field for Packer gameday.

* It's weird to try to turn off the fan-mode inside me and go into press-mode. Luckily, this game was meaningless in the standings, and I was able to concentrate on the work. I did however feel the need to sneak one picture on the camera phone when we were on the field after the game.

* Perhaps the neatest sight of my day was when I took a trip up to the Press Box for two minutes, just to see what it was like (the rest of the game we sat in the Media Lunch Room. We watched the game from there, as we're not allowed to go on the field anymore during the game after the NFL tightened up some of their rules a few years ago). I went up there as Favre through a touchdown pass to Bubba Franks, who was just standing at the goal line, and to see everyone in Lambeau get up on their feet at the same time was incredible.

* Getting interviews in the locker room afterwards is insane. The press really do enter the locker room like a herd of cattle, as we are often referred. Then the media lurches around from player to player as we try to get interviews, many while people are still trying to get dressed. It's weird.
* In the position I was in today, I didn't actually see much of the game. I only learned the final score was 34-13 Packers when I found it on the internet ten minutes ago.

* Even though it was fake, and will never air, it was pretty fun to say, "From Lambeau Field, I'm Bart Winkler."

In the end, I'm glad I experienced what it's like from the media side of the ball, and hopefully I can someday do it on a regular basis for my job. But until then, I'm looking forward to January 12th, when the Packers will host a Divisional Playoff Game.

And someone from the press box will be looking down at me, as I go back to being just one of the fans, standing up in unison after a Packers touchdown.


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