Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The purpose of my blogging.

Well, this it is. I'm starting a blog.

I've never really liked the word "blog", and I always thought that bloggers were people that had too much time on their hands and thought that other people actually cared about their cynical and "unique" outlook on the world. As it turns out, I am one of those people.

I've always been skeptical of these social networking sites as well. I mean, I like the fact that bands can use it to gain exposure, and you can reconnect with old classmates, as well as have a forum to show off some of the pictures of your life. But I also always thought that it was a little too personal, and that creating sites about yourself make you seem a little too self-involved.
Nevertheless, this is the age we live in. It's an age where "We" were Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year. Thanks to the internet, anybody can be somebody. People can make a living writing blogs or articles strictly for the internet, or have a quicker route to their 15 minutes of fame through the weekly "Dude, you have to check out this thing on YouTube" clip.

So I'm deciding to throw my hat into the ring, and not just because I've been on a quest to copy everything my friend and future roomate Mark does (he's writing a blog on his myspace as well, only his has a focus. He describes it as going beyond the headlines of the news you see on tv. You can check it out here.) And while his does have a focus, mine so far, does not. Sure, once a week I'll write about my true love, primetime television, which I'll label as a "TV Winks Thinks". And if it ever returns, I'll start up the 24 blog I did during season six last year. But other than that, somedays it will could be sports related, politically related, news related, entertainment related, whatever is on my mind that day.

If you read my blog and like it, thanks. If you're someone that hasn't talked to me in a while, and scrolls across my myspace page, and you say, "Wow what's up with that Winkler kid", well thanks for stopping by. You know, I do wonder if this is something I would do if there was no internet. If I would just write down my thoughs for the day and save them in a box.

But that isn't the case. This is the internet, where everybody can have an opinion, and have it be heard.

I was just a little late showing up to the party.


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