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If You Hate Turnbow, I Don't Want to Hear It

The Brewers lost tonight to the Cardinals 4-3 at Miller Park. Corey Hart had a hard time in right field, the Brewers left 16 men on base, and the Cards were able to get a run off Turnbow in the 9th en route to victory. Which one of those things do you think people will be talking about tomorrow. I can already hear the conversations and read the blog postings through the state right now:


"Yost, why did you put in Turnbow! Man Yost sucks. Yeah, Yost sucks."

"Derrick Turnbow sucks."

If that's what you're going to take away from these last two games, then I have to disagree. Don't call me naive, I just disagree. Derrick Turnbow and Eric Gagne were not the sole reasons the Brewers lost the last two games. They did contribute to the loss, but they weren't the only reason. Yet, all Brewers fans have been talking about the last two days is how Ned screwed up by putting Gagne in for the 4th straight day and putting Turnbow in during a tight situation.

When did this happen? Two years ago, we were riding high on Derrick Turnbow as he was dealing his way to an All-Star appearance. Then he started to struggle and the "Turnblow" nickname happened. Then we started booing him after every rough outing and he hasn't been the same since. Seriously Brewer fans, you think booing the guy helps him? I just don't think when a guy on your home team is working his ass off to perform for you, yet he ends up struggling, you should boo him. Do you really want to make Miller Park more hostile for Derrick Turnbow than a road stadium is? When did we get this way?

Even Cordero was getting booed when he hit a rough patch last year, and this year people are already quick to get on Eric Gagne. You're not booing Rickie Weeks because he's batting .178, or Bill Hall because he's batting .200. So why do relievers, especially closers, get such a short leash? There are 162 games this season, the season isn't over because Derrick Turnbow or Eric Gagne made a bad pitch. Let them work it out, give them your support, and if they really start struggling the manager and general manager will take the necessary action. There is nothing we as fans can do about personnel moves, so let's support the guys that are out there.

I feel like every time I watch the Cubs when they are losing at Wrigley, the home fans instantly turn on their lovable losers and boo. However, the moment they take the lead, everyone is cheering the same player that just messed up. Please, Miller Park, don't turn into a bunch of fairweather Cub-like fans. Let's support our guys. We have a very strong relief staff, but they are not perfect. Yeah, I would have liked if Turnbow would have went 1-2-3, but it didn't happen. Let the players learn from the loss, and we'll root them on tomorrow.

I feel like a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one, so I'm going to switch gears and point out a few other things from tonight's game.

* We found out that Ben Sheets is going to miss his start this Wednesday, and will be replaced by Dave Bush. I think once Sheets is ready to go, you'll see that 14th pitcher get either sent down or traded, if not sooner. I have a feeling Doug has a move in the works, and doesn't want to lose a pitcher on waivers, so he's got to keep them on the roster. That, and even though we have a pitching abundance, the bullpen is overworked, so maybe we need 14 right now (Let me make this arguement for you. Winks, we have 14 pitchers! Why are we using Turnbow in that situation when we have other options! Well, even though there are a ton of pitchers, they've been used a lot lately and the team hasn't had a day off in awhile Turnbow hasn't pitched in almost a week. He's used to pitching in those situations as a former All-Star. That wasn't a bad play. You have to manage for the season while managing game by game, remember. Also, as Bear says... Turnbow wanted to pitch more, so put up or shut up. He didn't pitch well, and likely won't see that situation anymore for a while. So rest easy, Turnbow haters. )

* Speaking of pitchers, Jeff Suppan laid down a nice bunt while pinch hitting in the 7th. That's where the Crew is right now, calling on starting pitchers to pinch hit. Yeah, they can get the job done, but I'd still like to see more than 3 players on the bench.

* Two funny moments from FSN tonight. After the game, Craig Coshun and Davey Nelson tried to re-enact the misplayed balls in right field, and they had no idea where to look, and the cameras missed them half the time. The other was in the 7th, FSN took a shot of a guy buying beer and he looked at the camera and said, "Great Taste. Less Filling." I thought to myself, turn the camera off, FSN before this guy does something stupid. Sure enough, they kept it on him, and he started dropping F-bombs. If anyone has video from either of these events, let me know.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Carlos Villanueva


Anonymous said...

Derrick Turnbow has had plenty of time to figure things out. We're fast approaching the two year anniversary of the game where things first really started to unravel for him ... 5/13/06 vs. the Mets. I was there & got his bobblehead. It now stands on my bookcase as a badge of shame.

I normally give Ned the benefit of the doubt, but putting Turnbow in tonight was a big error. It was the first time all season Turnbow was put into a tight situation & he folded. Which is why Yost has been reluctant to put him in close games in the first place. Isn't Ned usually obsessed with various matchups? If so, why didn't he go with someone reliable like Riske?

Overall I stand by Yost's decisions, but tonight was ridiculous. Sunday's decisions I can understand, but not Monday.

It's nice to know there's a blog that explains when it's appropriate for Brewer fans to criticize their team. Thanks for the etiquette lesson.

Anyone who watched the game tonight but didn't think the Crew was screwed when Turnbow came in is DELUSIONAL.

Winks said...

Appreciate the comment man. I just felt like somebody needs to stick up for Turnbow.

Not only do we talk about appropriate etiquette, we also do game recaps, previews, and Bucks Survivor. Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

We don't have time for Turnbow to work this stuff out at the major league level. He needs to go down to AAA & get his act together.

Unfortunately we'll just have to deal with Gagne working things out sans demotion. That's the downside to such a lucrative contract.

While I don't condone booing (I'm personally a fan of articulating displeasure), it connotes a sense of urgency. Remember how 5 years ago there wasn't much booing or criticism? It's because the team resided in a black hole & no one cared. Once the Crew was down 10-0 in the 2nd inning everyone would get up, walk around & marvel at the architectural wonder known as Miller Park.

It's healthy for concerned fans to criticize a guy who has a 9.00+ era, can't be relied on in clutch situations, & quite simply lacks consistent command on the mound. Have fun sticking up for him. The only good part about watching him unravel & make fans tear their hair out will be coming here each night to see the new creative way you guys defend his honor. Though I'd much rather have him pack his bags so we all could avoid that painful process.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to wager that Turnbow eventually lands in KC, & if he continues to stink there he'll probably wind up in Tampa. Kind of like Ben Hendrickson.

Anonymous said...

I hate Derrick Turnbow. I too was at the bobblehead game and have long regarded that day as the end of Turn-blow as an effective relief pitcher. Remember when he used to throw 97+? Yeah, that was a long time ago. A 94mph heater isn't nearly as imposing, particularly when only 1 out of every 6 or so are actually over the plate. At least this time he didn't waste much time in blowing it with various walks etc. Just two hits and it was done. Sure many things contributed to the loss tonight but with all those other things already in the bag, the game was 3-3 in the ninth and Nedley brings in Turn-blow?! The blame lies solely with those two clowns. And Turn-blow was complaining in the media about not being trusted or used enough? That's exhibit A of why he isn't and shouldn't be anymore.

Anonymous said...

Basically, after Turnbow complained about his role on the team, I wanted Yost to put him in a pressure situation to once and for all see if he's got what it takes or doesn't.

Tonight showed he doesn't. I'm not sticking up for Turnbow, I just think that he should be satisfied that we gave him the opportunity to back up what he said.

If you put him in when its mop up duty, how is that evaluating him. Thats a no pressure situation. He needed to show us if he could handle it or not.

Clearly he can't. Hopefully the Brewers move on and do whats appropriate, whether that be trade, demotion, or all out waive.

Seriously, its April, we are 11-8 and the bats are cold as can be. You aren't going to win every close game, you just aren't. Say what you want about that line of thinking but if a team wins every game that was close then they would probably win 120 a year. Plus we have won our fair share of close games.

Look I realize last year we lost the central by two games and that every game in april counts as much as they do in september but many of these first month games are feeler games.
And don't give me this garbage about spring training should be used to get the kinks out, because clearly most teams don't use spring training that way.

Just look at all the other teams that you know are going to be there in the end and are struggling much worse than us. The Yankees, Indians, Tigers, Dodgers, Mets, Phillies, Rockies, and Padres all had high hopes for this year and seem to be struggling worse than us.

I guess I understand why people are getting upset, but I feel like for the most part we should relax a little bit and enjoy that we have a good team.

Unknown said...

turnbow, gag me, he sucks. That hippie needs a haircut too.

Anonymous said...

very well said winks, im glad there is atleast one voice of reason. like it or not crew fans we are a couple injuries away from turnbow being our main setup man or closer, we will need him this year. now lets show the man some love (gagne too) and help our boys of summer make it to october.

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