Tuesday, April 8, 2008

At Least it Was a Good Game

If FSN Wisconsin is going to give us the Bucks game over the Brewers, the Bucks might as well make it an entertaining game to watch. Thankfully, they did just that, although they fell short, losing 107-104 in overtime. It was a good effort against the Bucks, however. Granted, Boston's Big Three only played about 20 minutes each, and the Bucks were basically battling the likes of James Posey and Tony Allen, but I have no complaints.

The Bucks were out of this one early, going down deep in the first quarter. But 17 point leads mean nothing in the NBA, and the Bucks game back to trail by just three after the first quarter. They then stalled, and found themselves down 25 points, but mounted another comeback and brought the game into overtime. The Celtics (reserves, remember) proved to be too much for Milwaukee and Boston earned the victory.

My favorite part of tonight's broadcast? I always love when the Bucks lose and Scott Williams still tries to find a guy to talk to for the post-game interview. Tonight, he picked Boston's Eddie House, who was 1 for 8 from the field and ended the game with four points. I can just imagine Eddie House being told he has to interview with FSN Wisconsin, even though he went 1 for 8 for the opposing team. Always the most entertaining part of a Bucks loss. Sadly, of which there are many.


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