Sunday, April 6, 2008

Diener Leads Pacers Over Bucks

The Bucks looked like they might be able to pull one out against the Pacers on Sunday night, but it was Fond du Lac native and Marquette grad Travis Diener that made sure the Pacers would come away with the victory. Nights like these are always a good time to be at his parent's bar in Fond du Lac, by the way. He made 5 straight 3-pointers in the 4th quarter to finish with 18 overall, and the Pacers beat the Bucks 105-97.

Another tough night for Milwaukee, however. Mo sat the night out with an ab injury, which allowed Ramon Sessions to get 42 minutes on the floor (which is a good thing). Redd has his usual 24 points, while Bogut and Charlie V had 14 and 13 rebounds, respectively.

Elsewhere in BucksTown (.com), the latest Bill Simmons mailbag had a lot of anti-Bucks sentiment in it. At one point, he said it was ok for Bucks fans to abandon their team after 20 some years of futility (minus 2001 of course) and find a new team. He suggested the Bulls because they are close, and not really a rival of the Bucks. He's right, but how? How is it that the Bucks and the Bulls don't have an established rivalry? Possibly because the Bucks were trash during the Jordan days, when many of their rivarlies were formed (Knicks, Pistons). Wisconsin fans hate the Cubs and the Bears, so why are we indifferent towards the Bulls? And who is the Bucks chief rival? For me, it's either the Pacers or the Sixers because of the playoff series in the early 90s. Let's make this a poll question.


Anonymous said...

its the bulls. the twolves arent even in contention, even if they play closer to home. the wizards should be that last option, given the crazy games in the series as of late, as well as a nba finals matchup between the two back in the day.

if you beat me in fantasy im making the wisconsin sports bar my number one wisconsin sports destination.

Anonymous said...

and bill simmons, just because you are all of the sudden interested in the bucks, that doesnt mean you can pretend like you know what its been like the last 20 years. just keep contradicting your previous articles on bandwagon jumping and continue writing about shitty pop culture while never showing a picture of your fat and ugly wife.

if anyone wants to seriously hire bill simmons as a gm, they shouldnt be watching sports anyways.

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