Monday, April 14, 2008

Who Had the Over?

It was Milwaukee's last chance to see the 2007-2008 edition of the Bucks tonight, and they sure did put on quite a show. The Bucks scored 135 points in front of their faithful on Fan Appreciation Night. It was a nice way to show the fans that have been spending their hard earned dollars to watch uninspired basketball all season. However, 135 points wasn't enough to earn the victory for the Bucks. Not when you give up 151 points. Who said our defense was bad? However, it's a pretty phenomenal score for a game that didn't go into overtime. This was old school, fast paced basketball.

Two points of interest here at The Bucky Channel. First, it seems Dan Gadzuric is pulling away in the race to be the next cast-off of Bucks Survivor. Maybe, a strong performance tonight could help save him. Well, in a game where the Bucks score 135, Gadz had 0. He did contribute with a rebound, however. With his impending doom on Bucks Survivor, and his how useless he has become in real life, how long before I write a "Farewell, Dan Gadzuric" column?

Secondly, over the last month, Ramon Sessions has emerged as one of my favorite Bucks. Tonight, 20 points, 8 boards, and 24 ASSISTS! Are you kidding me? Sessions has been shining ever since Hammond took over as GM, and I'm really pulling for this kid to be the starting point guard next year. Obviously, it's a career high in assists for him, but guys like Nash, Kidd, and CP3 haven't had that many assists in a game.

Obviously, wins and losses really don't mean much for the Bucks right now, but it's nice to see some bright spots as the season draws to a close.


Anonymous said...

bucks record for assists, beating guy rogers 21.

farwell, guy.

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