Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 2

As the Bucks enter a new era with a new GM and new hope, there's a lot of work that needs to be done before the Bucks field their new and improved team next October. With terrible contracts, underperforming stars, and D-Leaguers trying to make it as pros, the Bucks are currently a mess. So which Buck should the franchise be built around? Who should be the first to go? You make the call, welcome back to Bucks Survivor.

Last Week: The Bucks were separated into two squads. The veterans were placed on Team Eric Murdock, while the up-and-comers were placed on Team Todd Day. The teams faced off in their first challenge, which was average points per game. The vets won the contest as they average 64.6 points per game, while the newbies averaged 55.1. That meant the one of the rookies had to go home, although Andrew Bogut won the immunity challenge by having the most points per game on his team.

Results: Thanks to a link by Deadspin, 97 votes were cast in the first round of Bucks Survivor. We're not sure if we'll see those numbers again, but we thank everyone that voted. It really wasn't a contest, as Awvee Storey received 43% of the vote, to be the first castoff Bucks Survivor. Next was Charlie Bell (23%), Charlie Villanueva (13%), Yi Jianlian (7%), Royal Ivey (6%), and Ramon Sessions (6%). "I gave it my best, but ultimately I wasn't given the opportunities to show that I really belonged here in Milwaukee," Storey may or may not have said. "Nobody wants to be the first one to go home."

This Week: Each tribe was visited by new Bucks GM John Hammond, who gave his words of wisdom and then hosted this week's competition, rebounding. Since the teams are uneven, the total score will be the average of each player's rebounds per game, rather than the total.

Team Todd Day: Bogut 9.7, Villanueva 6.2, Yi 5.2, Sessions 2.9, Bell 2.5, Ivey 1.6, Average 4.68

Team Eric Murdock: Mason 4.4, Redd 4.3, Ruffin 4, Williams 3.5, Simmons 3.2, Gadzuric 2.9, Voskuhl 2, Average 3.47

Results: Team Day wins the challenge over Team Murdock by a score of 4.68 to 3.47. The guys from Team Murdock are up for elimination. Desmond Mason barely beats Michael Redd for immunity.

With the results in, either Gadzuric, Redd, Ruffin, Simmons, Voskuhl, or Mo will go home. Who will the fans pick? Will it be one of the heavy contracts like Gadz or Mo, or will it be the cheerleader Jake Voskuhl? Could "superstar" Michael Redd find himself an early exit? As always, the poll is listed in the right hand margin of The Bucky Channel. Results, and the next competition will be posted Wednesday, April 16.


Anonymous said...

farewell, awvee storey

Winks said...

I thought about making Bucks Survivor go by quicker. Any thoughts? Every two days?

Anonymous said...

How about everyone gets voted out and they completely start over next season?

Anonymous said...

you're the webmaster, winks, do whatever you want to do. although i must say, the longer this goes on, the more i get to see that logo.

Anonymous said...

Who's your graphic designer?

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