Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brewers Down Reds in Extras

If it's not frustrating enough to not be able to watch games during the day while at work, it may be even more frustrating to not be able to watch a night game because it's not on television. Unless you lived in or near Milwaukee, the Brewer game was only available via MLB.TV or the voice of Bob Uecker. I, of course, chose the latter. I feel like to get the most out of a Brewer season you need a healthy balance of watching games on TV and listening to the radio anyway.

Speaking of getting the most out of a season, the Brewers are wasting no time playing their baseball. You know there will be hot streaks, as there will be cold streaks, so make sure we enjoy every win we can. At the end of the season, it just may be close games in April like the one tonight that end up being the difference between the NL Central Championship and better luck next year.

Another great performance from Jeff Suppan today. So great that I caved and finally picked him up in fantasy. He went seven innings, giving up one run and had one strikeout. He looked to be in line for the win after the Brewers scored in the 3rd inning to go up 1-0. The Reds came back in the 7th, but a Bill Hall homerun (3) put them back on top. It wasn't until Eric Gagne gave up a two-out home run to Corey Patterson that the decision was out of Suppan's hands. Gagne blew his second save of the young season, and the game went into extras. It was there a Rickie Weeks single scored J.J Hardy to win the game. Another close win for the Brewers, and you have to love that they are winning the games that do get dicey, especially tonight's 3-2 victory.

The only other notes I have in this one are that the Crew will have to wait at least another day before they face off against Francisco Cordero. I still love the guy, but who wouldn't like to see him go for the save tomorrow night only to blow it? Also, as much as I've had a problem with the Kendall batting 9th strategy, it's become a big part of the reason the Brewers are 6-1. It worked tonight, as he brought in Hardy from 2nd after Soup bunted him over. It also doesn't hurt that he's batting out of his mind, hitting .526.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Jeff Suppan (1)


Anonymous said...

It really sucks that the game wasn't available outside of Milwaukee. Everyone else was forced to watch the Bucks fall to Celt second-stringers. Or so I'm told. I was merrily following along with Ueck & Jim.

I don't think home games are available to Wisconsinites on MLB TV. Only out of market games.

Anonymous said...

That really sucks about Gagne, he honestly looked amazing with his curve ball and threw one bad pitch that was a fastball up and in. Plus, Patterson turned on a ball and put it out in the shortest part of the park. I still have some faith in Gagne... but its wanning fast.

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