Monday, April 28, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 6

Last Week: The name of the game was to determine how cost-effective each remaining member of Bucks Survivor was. This was another contest in which team Todd Day, the young Bucks, dominated. I'm not really sure how I figured out the numbers, but I don't think you need proof to know that we still have some young guys for bargains, while we are overpaying the hell out of some of the veterans. Of those veterans, Michael Ruffin was deemed the most cost effective, gaining immunity. Redd, Williams, Voskuhl, and Mason were put on the block.

Results: This was a back and forth battle between Michael Redd and Jake Voskuhl, and according to the readers of The Bucky Channel, you no longer want Redd to be a Milwaukee Buck. It's a strong statement you guys made, giving him 42% of the vote. Jake Voskuhl was second with 37%, followed by Mo Williams at 20%. Desmond Mason had 0%, and he has yet to get a vote against him in this entire contest. Farewell, Michael Redd.

Big Announcement: The remaining contestants from the two tribes, Team Todd Day (Bogut, Yi, Ivey, Sessions, Villaneuva) and Team Eric Murdock (Mason, Ruffin, Voskuhl, Williams) were brought together for an emergency Tribal Meeting. There have been a lot of changes on Bucks Island since the contest started, a new GM, a new coach, even a guest appearance by Kelvin Sampson. The new Bucks brass has decided that they want to see all nine remaining Bucks in action, together, so thus, it's the much anticipated MERGER!!! Here's how it will go down. After this week's challenge, the top eight Bucks will be known as The Rotation. These will be the eight guys that we think deserve the playing time to win games next season. We'll then determine who the Sixth Man should be, followed by the Starting Five. After that, we will crown one Buck, and one Buck only, as The Franchise.

This Week: Before the Bucks are evaluated on skill, the brass is reminding these players that the NBA is a business, and they want to decide each how marketable each player is. I think the Chinese Government had something to do with this contest, as Yi Jianlian is the obvious winner. So Yi is safe for another week, and the other eight remaining Bucks will go on the block. Now that they are all together, who will be voted off quicker, rookies or vets? Which Buck won't be lucky enough to enter The Rotation? The power is in your hands, vote in the poll on the right side of this page.


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