Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nothing's Bound to Happen

I really didn't want to have to make this post, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet, Favre is NOT coming back. I know on Friday, many Packer fans will be buzzing, as will members of the national media, about comments Favre made on Letterman Thursday night.

At one point, Letterman asked Favre about when training camp rolls around, if Favre will maybe get the jitters about playing again. Favre responded with, "Something's bound to happen". Letterman, being the showman he is, overreacted to the statement and hinted he may indeed come out of retirement. Packer fans everywhere called each other saying, "Oh der hey did you see dat Letter man show? He's coming back, I know he is!"

Favre's not coming back. Why do we keep insist on playing this game with him? Look, Favre may just be a country boy that found NFL fame, but he loves that spotlight. How many people have ever gone on a talk show before to plug their Madden cover? Zero. Favre is an attention whore, and we need to stop feeding into it. I love Favre as much as the next guy, but there is about a zero percent chance he ever takes the snap in the National Football League again.


Anonymous said...

i understand the rant and i know favre isnt coming back, but vince young went on the jimmy kimmel live show last year to annouce he was going to be on the cover. so favre isnt the only attention whore.

Jonk said...

I was just going to make that Vince Young comment, but b2 beat me to it. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

thats sweet that the link opens right up in this comments window.

ps favre is the first white athlete ever to be on madden, and thats including four quarterbacks before him. racist madden. also, i like the title of this post. youre the title king, barto petto.

Winks said...

Yeah, I missed that about VY. Other note, was Favre ok last night?

Jonk said...

b2, that is annoying, isn't it? I tried putting a tag on the link to have it open in a new window, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Sons of bitches.

Anonymous said...

So I take it that you didn't appreciate my text during the Favre/Letterman appearance? I got caught up in the moment. Bring on the A-Rod era.

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