Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bucks vs. Brewers

Dare I say it's time the folks at Fox Sports Net introduce FSN Wisconsin 2? That's definitely a stretch, but on nights like tonight you almost wish there was another version of the network. Tonight, FSN Wisconsin is devoting their time to a struggling Bucks team taking on the Celtics reserves, while the Brewers are only available per an online subscription and WMLW in Milwaukee.

It's hard for the gang at FSN Wisconsin to know what these games will mean when they schedule them on tv. Imagine if the Bucks were good this year, and challenging the Boston Celtics for a playoff spot or for home court advantage? That would certainly be a game we'd want to watch, right? So you can't fault FSN Wisconsin too much, but it'd be nice if they had some flexibility in their scheduling. Now, if you're in the Milwaukee area, you get WMLW 41 and this isn't a problem for you at all.

But for us, we're too far away from the great city of Milwaukee, and thus are going to sit through this Bucks game while checking the internet for Brewers updates. But I suppose if Craig Coshun can do it, we can too.


Anonymous said...

i was trying to figure out why trenni said she had two off days

Anonymous said...

fuck... i forgot the crew were on wmlw, i had to watch the shitty gameday live bs on the brewers website.

Jonk said...

If you think that was bad, check out what's up on FSN right now in Eau Claire.... Due to some sort of NBA market rule, we've got the Wolves-Hornets game instead of Brewers-Reds.

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