Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bucks Survivor

Bucks fans may not have a team to root for in the upcoming NBA playoffs, but we do have Bucks Survivor! Now obviously, the Bucks are in need of a major makeover. And what better way to determine which Bucks need to get out of town than through Bucks Survivor (bare with me, people). What I've done is separated the Bucks into two teams - Team Todd Day and Team Eric Murdock. The younger Bucks will be headed to team Todd Day, while the veteran Bucks are on team Eric Murdock. Here are the teams:

Team Todd Day
G Ramon Sessions
G Awvee Storey
G Charlie Bell
G Royal Ivey
F Charlie Villanueva
F Yi Jianlian
C Andrew Bogut

Team Eric Murdock
G Michael Redd
G Mo Williams
F Desmond Mason
F Michael Ruffin
F Bobby Simmons
C Dan Gadzuric
C Jake Voskuhl

Tonight's challenge: The team with the highest average points per game will be given immunity. The player with the highest scoring average on the losing team will also earn immunity.

Team Day: Bogut 14.2, Villanueva 11.1, Yi 8.6, Bell 7.6, Sessions 5.5, Ivey 5.5, Storey 2.6

Team Murdock: Redd 23.3, Williams 17.2, Mason 9.5, Simmons 7.3, Gadzuric 3.1, Ruffin 2.1, Voskuhl 2.1

Total Score: Team Murdock wins by a score of 64.6 to 55.1. As the leading scorer on the losing team, Andrew Bogut has gained immunity.

Who will be kicked off Bucks Surivor? On the right of this page, vote for who you want ELIMINATED from Bucks Survivor. Next contest is Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

is this going by age becuase awvee is like 30

Winks said...

Good question B man. It's going by NBA experience, according to the Bucks website. Looks like Awvee's days are numbered.

Unknown said...

I like the survivor bucks idea. Way to drop the ball on having an actual Survivor column b/c that show rocks.

Anonymous said...

I want Herb Kohl voted off.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, herb kohl has lifetime immunity. without him, milwaukee doesnt even have a team, so hes free to walk around naked on the island all he wants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing graphic... Did you go to school for graphic design?

Winks said...

the graphic is courtesy my brother, you should have seen the crap I had up there before he sent me that gem.

Tony Brown said...

how many players will be left standing?

Anonymous said...

there can only be one... i think.

Winks said...

one will be left standing. that is the person the bucks should build the franchise around.

Tony Brown said...

Wow, this will take longer than the NBA playoffs.

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