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Packers Draft Picks: Rounds 3-5

If you're a die-hard Packer fan like me, you're probably familiar with the most of the names that were called on day one of the draft. However, on the draft's second day, I'm usually limited to guys from big schools or the Big Ten. I wish I had more time to study and learn about some of these day two guys, but I probably won't be able to do that until The Bucky Channel becomes my full-time job (hey, a man can dream, right?) With that said, here's a recap of the Packers draft action in rounds three through five.

Round 3, Pick 91 - Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas

I figured the Packers would take a tight end on Day 1, so it's no surprise they acted early on Day 2 and snatched one up. The Packers look to Texas for Jermichael Finley, who will compete to backup Donald Lee and be used in the two tight end sets. Finley is described as being very athletic, so he should be a good weapon for Aaron Rodgers (or Brian Brohm question mark?) It's another good pick for Ted Thompson, and this is someone that should be able to contribue this season. Some criticism on him is that he may be too "raw" (draft buzzword alert!)

Round 4, Pick 102 - Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest

For the first time in the Ted Thompson era, the Packers have traded up in the draft. Maybe Ted really wanted this Jeremy Thompson, or maybe he just wanted to show Packer fans that yes, he was capable of doing it. Either way, the Packers used the pick to select a defensive end. It seems like Thompson is a very versatile guy, and that Packers are hoping to groom him into a pass rush specialist. Most people seem to like the pick, although it may be a year or two before he becomes an impact player.

4th round trades

After trading up to get Thompson, Ted Thompson decided to make up for the picks he gave away. Ted gave up 113 and 162 to move up eleven spots and get their defensive end with the 102nd pick. So with his next fourth round pick at 128, Ted sent that to the rams for picks 137 and 217. He then sent 137 to the Vikings for 150 and 209. Follow that? Let's move on.

Round 4, Pick 135 - Josh Sitton, G, Central Florida

The Packers finally began to address any offensive line concerns towards the end of round 4, selecting guard Josh Sitton from UCF. Sitton is also described as a versatile guy, who mainly played tackle in college. The Packers feel he would be best suited at guard, but also playing tackle and center. He should compete for playing time, and will likely make the roster, although his impact won't be felt for two to three years, in my opinion. Ted does a good job of drafting guys who even though may not contribute right away, will be key players on the team in a couple of years time.

Round 5, Pick 150 - Breno Giacomini, T, Louisville

Honestly, the only thing I know about this guy is that he's probably Italian. That's about as good as insight as I can personally give you. Thank god there is something called the internet, where in cases like these I can find information and pass it off as my own (without plagiarizing, the cardinal sin of writing). In college, Breno has some good quickness, and supposedly some decent hands, as he split time in college between tackle and tight end. He's a physical guy, coming in at 6'7" and 303 lbs. Giacomini is not a lock to make the roster by any means, but at the very least will be a buddy to fellow Cardinal Brian Brohm.

The Packers have three more picks the rest of the day, all of which are 7th rounders (209, 217, 239). The Giants own their 6th rounder, which the Packers traded away for Ryan Grant, and we all know how much of a steal that was.

Again, can't stress this enough, so far Ted, so good.


Jonk said...

Because he hasn’t played along the offensive line very long – just three years – Giacomini is definitely one of the more raw offensive line prospects in the Draft, however, with his size and athleticism, a team, if they are patient enough, could be getting a first-round talent.

Giacomini has excellent feet and size (6-7, 306) and his athleticism is rare for a man his size. He played in a passing offense at Louisville so the kid has had plenty of experience facing pass-rushers and last year, as the starting left tackle, he allowed only two sacks while helping lead an offense that ranked forth in the nation.

If (Green Bay) is patient, a player with Giacomini’s natural skills could end up paying huge dividends down the road in a year or two.

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