Saturday, April 26, 2008

Round 2, Pick 56 - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

Nice work, Ted and company. It was widely speculated the Packers would take a quarterback in the first two rounds, but nobody thought they'd be able to get a guy like Brian Brohm this late in the draft. I thought the Packers would decide between Brohm and Henne at pick 36, instead, they had the same option at pick 56. The Packers got their guy in Brohm, and again, credit Ted for taking the risk but still coming out with both his guys, Brohm and Jordy Nelson. The Packers said they'd go with the best available, that seems to be what they are doing. Chad Henne, coincedentally, went with the next pick to the Miami Dolphins, joining former teammate Jake Long.

Brohm hails from Louisville, the all time leading passer in Big East history. I have to say, I'm excited about this pick, a great insurance policy in case Rodgers doesn't work out (although he will). Don't expect Brohm to compete for the starting job this year, but do expect him to be able to fill in if (and I guess, when) Rodgers goes down with an injury. I'd still like to see the Packers re-sign Craig Nall, but this should end any speculation about Daunte Culpepper coming to Green Bay.

It's impossible to grade a draft appropriately on the day that it happens, but I'd say the Packers are 2 for 2 right now. Keep up the good work, Ted. Profile: Brian Brohm


Jonk said...

A couple weeks ago I made a comment that I would be disappointed if the Packers drafted a quarterback as high as number 56. While I am still concerned about how Aaron Rodgers will react*, I never expected Brian Brohm to fall that far.

* = he will be already be facing a lot of pressure in replacing Brett Favre, nevermind another top pick lingering on the sidelines

Brohm was still incredibly productive in his so-called disappointing senior season, and there's no doubt in my mind that he is a first-round talent. I think it's a tremendous value pick, and between Aaron Rodgers and Brian Brohm, you gotta like the chances of one of them becoming a legit starting pro quarterback.

If you're the Falcons, are you kicking yourselves now? They will now pay ooodles of guaranteed money to Matt Ryan, but they probably would've been better off taking Glenn Dorsey at No. 3 and grabbing Brohm in round 2. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, or maybe 20/10 if you've had Lasik. If you believe Rachel Nichols of ESPN, there was a strong contingent in the Falcons' offices who wanted Dorsey. They might be a little unhappy with how things shook out in round 2.

Sixteen years ago the Packers picked up Brett Favre from the Falcons, and today they acquired another quarterback who probably should've been calling Atlanta home. Hmmm.

Also, interesting to see the Bears and Lions and Vikings passing on Brohm. When he fell to the Bears' second-round pick, I thought they might grab him. Then, the Lions did, too. So I guess there must be a lot of confidence long-term in Drew Stanton?

Jonk said...

"Then, the Lions did, too."

did = passed on him

(Just to clarify)

Anonymous said...

It was the smart pick. Hey if Rodgers gets rattled because Brohm is waiting in the wings, then he shouldn't be there anyways. You should always play like someone could take your job at anytime. Love the pick, still have a ton of confidence in AR but if he doesn't work out, its real nice to have insurance.

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