Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 5

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Bucks Survivor Top Ten! After tonight's elimination, just ten Bucks will remain as we try to find out who should be next year's starting five, and who should be the one Buck we build center the franchise around. We've already seen the departures of Awvee Storey, Dan Gadzuric, Bobby Simmons, and tonight we'll say goodbye to another one of the Bucks. Play along with the game that has everyone talking (not sure what about, but they sure are talking!)

Last Week: In case you are new to the game, the Bucks were separated into two teams. Team Todd Day consists of everyone that has four or less years experience in the NBA, Team Eric Murdock features the veterans of the ballclub. The rookies and young Bucks of Team Day had won two contests in a row, but couldn't keep the streak alive when they were put through the Field Goal Percentage contest. Team Murdock had an average percentage of .480, while Team Day had an average percentage of just .430. Andrew Bogut had the best percentage among the kids, so Sessions, Ivey, Villanueva, Bell, and Yi were put through tribal council.

Results: The Bucks fans have spoken, and Charlie Bell is the next Buck to be eliminated from Bucks Survivor. Bell ends up with 50 percent of the vote to be the fourth player eliminated. Villanueva had 35 percent of the vote, Ivey had 10, Yi clocked in with 3 percent. Ramon Sessions had zero votes against him.

This Week: We have been using stat categories to decide which team would win, such as points, boards, assists, and FG%. Today, we're going to do something different. Since the Bucks are $8,018, 469 under the "cap", we're going to see how cost effective some of these Bucks really are. I'm taking their yearly salary and dividing that by their minutes per game. I'm only counting the minutes of games they appeared in, instead of 82 games. Then we'll see how effective they are per game.

Team Todd Day: Bogut costs $143,023 per game he plays, Ivey $40,135, Yi $111,110, Sessions $16,119, Villanueva $112,655. Average: $84,608

Team Eric Murdock: Mason costs $173,611, Redd $387,200, Ruffin $56,248, Voskuhl $340, 909, Williams $213,013. Average: $234,196

Results: I'm not sure if this was a fair challenge, or if it even made sense, quite honestly. Yet, that's how we're rolling. The rookies are most cost effective, and out of the veterans, Michael Ruffin is the most cost effective. Thus, Michael Ruffin earns immunity, while Redd, Voskuhl, Williams, and Mason are up on the block. This could be a very interesting week. As always, you can vote for Bucks Survivor on the right hand side of this page.


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